NFL Rumors: One Team In Serious Talks With Titans To Trade Up And Select Marcus Mariota In 2015 NFL Draft

The start of the 2015 NFL Draft is now just one day away, and a lot of trade talk is really beginning to heat up. It’s still expected that quarterback Jameis Winston will be going to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with the number one overall pick. Marcus Mariota is still expected to go second, but the Cleveland Browns have since gotten into serious talks with the Tennessee Titans for their pick.

According to ESPN, the Browns have already discussed trading with the Titans for that second overall pick on Thursday night. Their reasoning for the trade would be so that they can select former Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota.

Could this possibly spell the end of Johnny Manziel‘s time in Cleveland?

Cleveland has the 12th and 19th selections in the first round, and that would be an interesting trade. Still, Tennessee may end up wanting more from them for the chance to move up that high and take Mariota.

Now, that’s a lot to think about, but there are now conflicting reports coming out about whether or not the Browns have actually made an offer to Tennessee.

There has been a lot of talk over the past two months that as many as seven teams could be looking to draft Marcus Mariota. No teams had actually made any moves, though, and that is due to many trades actually happening on draft night.

Browns general manager Ray Farmer recently said the same thing.

“A lot of the scuttlebutt that you hear and the conjecture and the noise that’s out there, it changes the complexion of trying to get a deal done. If everybody thinks that you want something, your price just went up.”

Cleveland still has Manziel and they recently signed Josh McCown as a free agent during the offseason. The Browns still have faith in Manziel, but bringing in Mariota could be the symbol of impending doom for his time with the Dawg Pound.

There doesn’t seem to be a clear cut answer on whether or not the Cleveland Browns have actually offered both first round picks to the Tennessee Titans for the number two overall pick. If they did, the Browns will end up taking Marcus Mariota. If they haven’t, Tennessee still has the pick and could have a lot of phone calls before the NFL Draft begins on Thursday night.

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