Woman 'Texting' During National Anthem At White House Correspondents' Dinner Revealed, Defense Falls On Deaf Ears As Twitter Attacks Her

The woman who was allegedly caught texting during the national anthem at the White House Correspondent's Dinner on Saturday night has been unveiled.

Helena Andrews, who is a Washington Post columnist who writes for the Fix, took to her Twitter account to defend her actions, while also insisting that she wasn't actually texting but was taking notes.

However, this explanation didn't stop Andrews from being bombarded with further criticism as people insisted that it didn't matter if she was taking notes rather than texting.After being caught texting/making notes at the White House Correspondents Dinner, Helena Andrews was roundly criticized by those who caught her. Which, unfortunately for her, was quite a few individuals, since her actions were caught on camera and then broadcast across the world.Before the firestorm over her inopportune usage of her phone, Andrews went above and beyond to keep her 7,701 followers up to date with the activities at the dinner, which was hosted by Saturday Night Live's Cecily Strong and featured a surprise appearance from Key & Peele's anger translator.

No comment has been released by either by Helena Andrews or the Washington Post following her online unveiling.

[Image via BizPac Review]