Infant Remains Found In Backyard: Girl Finds Infant's Dismembered Remains While Playing With Dog

Infant remains were found in a backyard Sunday morning in Westmont, California, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department said. My News L.A. reports that the infant's dismembered remains belong to a baby not more than 1-to-3-days-old. Detectives want to speak with any woman in the neighborhood who recently gave birth.

Remains were found around 11:05 a.m. in the 1500 block of West 104th Street by a homeowner, Deputy Ryan Rouzan of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Information Bureau confirms. Rouzan says homicide detectives and coroner's investigators arrived at the scene and determined that the newborn was just days-old.

"The infant appears to have been dismembered. Significant portions of the body are still missing," Rouzan said.

NBC Los Angeles reports that Britany Placencia, 9, found the dismembered infant's remains while playing outside with her dog. When she went to get the ball her dog was playing with, she saw a small leg.

"The dog was sniffing the ball... so I was going to get the ball and I got it. I saw the leg," Placencia said.

After the girl alerted her mother, she saw the leg by the bicycle and found a baby's head in her side yard; she immediately dialed 911.

Authorities want local residents to check their yards and garbage cans for suspicious items that have been thrown away. Their thought is the killer might have tried covering up for the crime by hiding more dismembered remains of the baby in different places.

If anyone has any information in this case, you are asked to contact the Sheriff's Homicide Bureau detectives, Adan Torres, or Francis X. Hardiman, at (323) 890-5500. Anonymous tips can be made by calling Crime Stoppers at (800) 222-TIPS.

ABC 7 News reports that people in the neighborhood where the infant remains were found don't recall any women recently being pregnant.

Another sad story similar to this one was published by the Inquisitr this month when a baby was found in a dumpster. Fortunately, that baby was still alive. Two teen brothers found the little girl thrown away in trash bags when they took their garbage out to the dumpster. They pulled the bag out of the dumpster and took her to their mother. They made sure she was cleaned before social services in South Carolina took over.

There are a lot of horrendous stories in which infant remains are found in a park, backyard, dumpster, or recycling center. All too often, the babies are already dead and it stems from the mother not wanting to care for them in the majority of cases.

[Photo Credit: ABC 7 News screenshot]