Husband In Coma Awakes, But Matt Davis’ Health Insurance Won’t Pay For Brain Injury Rehab

Matt Davis became famous as the husband in a coma who awoke despite doctors telling his wife to let him die. Unfortunately, despite the near-miracle, the young, married couple still faces the hurdle of paying for years of rehab required for treating a traumatic brain injury. Although their plight became well known earlier in the month, they are still far away from raising the money necessary to meet their fundraiser goal.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, a paralyzed patient walked again on video, shocking her nurse.

Back in 2010, doctors recommended to Matt’s wife, Danielle Davis, that she should let him die rather than risk leaving him forever in a vegetative state. Matt had suffered a severe brain injury called a Severe Diffuse Axonal Injury after a motorcycle crash left him with an open femur fracture, fracture to the neck of the femur, fractured rib, lacerated liver, fractured collar bone, fractured jaw in two places, and occipital skull fracture.

Matt Davis and

“This was a difficult choice for me, being his wife I knew that he did not want to remain a vegetable and here the doctors were telling me that’s exactly what will happen,” Danielle said. “I prayed a lot and chose not to take him off of life support. The next day Matthew opened his eyes.”

Even though her husband awoke from the coma, Danielle had to care for Matt around the clock for a long time. It was not until three months later that Matt spoke a simple phrase, and over time it became apparent that the brain injury had caused him to lose all memory of their marriage, wedding, and even their dating relationship.

Although the married couple has learned to love each other all over again, Matt Davis still needs help since their health insurance is not covering long-term rehab.

“It’s been 3 1/2 years since Matt’s accident and he continues to improve! He is not on any medications, he walks with forearm crutches for minimal distance and supervision. Insurance will no longer pay for therapy. People with Traumatic Brain Injury need a lot of rehab, people continue to make improvements even 10 years after their injury. Insurance doesn’t pay for the amount of therapy they need so often times that person doesn’t reach their full potential.”

Danielle hopes to raise enough money to pay a specialist for long-term rehab. Paying this trainer requires $400 a week for five years, so their GoFundMe fundraiser is asking for $104,000.

As of this publishing, they are about two-thirds of the way to this goal, and Matt has already started his recovery. His progress can be watched on their Facebook page. They say their true goal is to “make a difference and give hope” and they would “love the opportunity for a full life together.”