Couple’s Wedding Photo Goes Viral: Ghostly Figure Photobombs Couple’s Wedding Photo

One couple wanted to share their favorite wedding photo with the world! So, of course, they did like most people do in today’s technologically-driven world — they uploaded their wedding photo on social media.

On April 13, Christiana Quada Dennis uploaded the happy photo with her new husband, Kevin Matthew Dennis. Almost immediately, friends of the couple began “liking” the picture and congratulating them on the celebration of their marriage. But, then someone noticed a sinister figure beyond the surface of the beautiful photo, reports Daily Mail.

Apparently, there’s a ghostly figure that resembles a man’s face in the photo. If you look closely, the mysterious image appears between the couple.

Both Christiana and Kevin were so shocked by what they saw after closely examining the photo, he decided to share the shocking discovery via reddit. Now, the photo has gone viral. Along with photo, Kevin included a brief description describing the seemingly bizarre occurrence.

“Me and my wife’s favorite wedding photo … Until we saw what was between us … We still don’t know who it was,” Kevin wrote. “Her sister said it might be her but that face look absolutely nothing even close to it. That face looks like a baby face imo [in my opinion],” Kevin Matthew Dennis wrote.

One redditor was even nice enough to retouch the photo, reports WTVR. Now, the sinister figure has been removed! Although the photo is a lot less creepy, many viewers are still wondering about the ghostly figure in the picture. Unfortunately, that part of the story will probably remain a mystery!

Can you see the ghostly figure in the couple’s wedding photo? What do you think it is? Share your thoughts.

[Image via Facebook]