Teen Uses Selfie Stick To Film His Mom And Girlfriend Fighting In Front Yard Brawl [Video]

Warning: The above video contains explicit language and graphic content that may be offensive to some viewers.

There have been all types of fight videos that have made headlines all over the web. From school fights to parking lot brawls and all types of other altercations, you can probably find footage of just about anything online. However, one teen recently shared footage of a different type of fight. Apparently, his mom and girlfriend definitely do not get along. When they became embroiled in a heated argument that escalated into a physical altercation, he decided to film the shocking incident instead of diffusing it.

According to the New York Daily News, footage of the fight was initially shared via LiveLeak. It appears the teenager is filming the incident with a selfie stick because, in addition to the fight, he’s actually commentating as the brawl takes place behind him. Based on his expression, it’s quite obvious he finds the brawl quite comical. The two-minute clip begins in mid-confrontation. At the beginning of the video, the unnamed teen’s mom is standing in the doorway of her home with a baseball bat. She can be heard calling his girlfriend a “wh–e.” She also accuses the girlfriend of stealing her dog.

“Y’all took my dog, and everybody over here know it,” the mom says while holding a baseball bat. “And then you gon’ come over here and try to destroy my home? I’m not scared of you b—-. You know what? I don’t wanna fight you!”

As the mom goes back into her home, she’s met with quite a surprise when the girlfriend walks up, opens the door, and throws a flower pot in the mom’s direction. Unfortunately, that’s when the altercation got a lot worse. The mom retaliated by charging the girlfriend and the two began fighting. As they continue to rip into each other, the son playfully attempts to stop his girlfriend, but it’s quite evident he’s more focused on filming.


“Facebook, Instagram, Twitter – y’all see this?” the teen said of the fight.

Then, the clip ended. Apparently, all of the social networks are definitely viewing the shocking clip because it currently has over 15,000 views in less than 24 hours. However, the footage has sparked outrage, reports the Daily Mail. Many viewers can’t agree on what’s worse: the mom fighting with her son’s teenage girlfriend or her son’s instigating. Then, of course, other viewers have cited the overall disrespect is the biggest issue with the whole ordeal. Needless to say, some of the comments are quite offensive.

“The selfie stick has a higher IQ than all the rest of them put together.”

“I don’t know what’s worst; the teen recording it, the mom for fightiing [sic] a teen, or the teen for chucking a flowerpot at an adult.”

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[Image(s) via LiveLeak Screen Captures]