Controversial Viral Breast Feeding Picture Faces Criticism From Internet, Woman Claims ‘Motherhood Ain’t Pretty’

Images of women breastfeeding in public have caused an uproar throughout social media sites for quite some time. Brest feeding in public has long been debated, arguing that it is indecent and inappropriate behavior for others to observe. Still, with such negativity, the positive support is just as overwhelming. However, the wife of actor Michael Beach is being scrutinized for breastfeeding their child in the privacy of her own home, all because of a picture that was posted on social media sites. Despite the blatant criticism, Elisha Wilson Beach responded to the criticism by saying that “motherhood ain’t pretty.”

The photo, according to the Daily Mail, shows Beach sitting on the toilet next to an open cupboard with personal items strewn about the floor, while her child is latched onto her breast. The image does not show anything that shouldn’t be shown, yet there are many opponents to the image. Most of the naysayers have issues with her breastfeeding in the bathroom, while using the toilet, claiming it is not hygienic and gross. However, Beach realizes that motherhood has some not so pretty moments, and she was proud to share the controversial moment with social media.


A Facebook user named Amanda Martin responded to the viral photo, stating that Beach should have simply placed the child in a crib while doing her business, then finish feeding when she was done.

“I would never ever breastfeed my child in the bathroom. It’s unsanitary regardless. Stick your kid in the crib until you’re done, or pump it and give it to them.”

According to Metro, the photo was taken by Michael Beach, Elisha’s husband, because the pair thought it was a cute moment. They never expected it to cause such a controversy on the internet. She claims that the image was posted to “show people real-life like this is what my daily life looks like.”

“I just see so many moms doubting what they do every day or feeling judged, and it’s like the media doesn’t really portray what motherhood is.”

With an onslaught of both negative and positive comments, Beach is okay with each. Rather than add to the criticism and coerce an uproar, Beach is satisfied that the image is bringing awareness to breastfeeding and the sacrifices a mother makes to keep her child happy and healthy.

What are your thoughts on the image, is it gross or is it just the life of a mother?

[Photo Courtesy: Daily Mail]