Mysterious UFO With Lights Caught On Video Over Rome By Professional Photographer

JohnThomas Didymus

An unnamed professional photographer was filming a passenger jet from his home in the city of Rome on April 12, 2015, when he captured a UFO on video. UFO analysts who have examined the photo are unable to explain it.

He did not see the UFO while he was filming. He noticed it for the first time as he reviewed the footage of the airliner. The UFO appeared in the footage very briefly and disappeared.

He handed over the footage to the Mediterranean UFO Center (C.UFO.M) for analysis. According to the organization, which investigates UFO sightings, the witness, whose name is being withheld, is a professional photographer who specializes in taking photographs of "actors, singers, and other important people," a job description we may assume refers to a paparazzo.

A C.UFO.M investigator, Angelo Maggioni, who conducted analysis of the photo posted to the organization's website, ruled out that it was a bird or a balloon.

At the estimated altitude of the UFO, it was flying too high to have been a bird, and the image looks unlike images of birds captured under similar circumstances, according to Maggioni.

Maggioni estimated the altitude of the UFO at about 13,000 meters or more than 40,000 ft, about the same altitude as passenger jets. The analyst provided examples of images of birds for comparison to support his claim that the image looks unlike a bird.

He also ruled out that the object was a balloon, saying it was too high to have been an ordinary balloon. But he did not comment on the possibility that it was a high altitude weather or sounding balloon.

He said the UFO appeared to have moving lights. He concluded that the object was "self luminescent."

Maggioni provided images of balloons to support his claim that balloons are easy to identify in images of the same quality as the UFO photo. He concluded that while he was able to rule out some possibilities, he was unable to identify the object, thus "it remains an unidentified flying object."

But Open Minds' Alejandro Rojas questioned Maggioni's estimation of the height of the object. Noting that Maggioni's estimation was based on the assumption that the object was in focus, he pointed out that the object actually looks blurred and out of focus in the photo.

Rojas also pointed out that the UFO streaking past as the camera tracks the airliner could be because it was stationary or moving slowly at a much lower altitude than the airliner. He also commented on Maggioni's observation that the UFO appears to have moving lights, explaining that this could be due to the object being "an odd-shaped, or misshapen, silver balloon that is spinning," in which case, according to Rojas, the "reflections would change rapidly and look to be in odd places."

Rojas also noted that the object looks disc-shaped when the C. UFO.M analyst zoomed in on it. In Rojas opinion, this could be evidence that it is a balloon.

Rojas concluded that the object could have been a balloon or a UFO with lights on it.

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[Images: C.UFO.M via Open Minds]