‘The Van, The White Van!’: Could A 4-Year-Old Girl’s Nightmares Hold Key To Mother’s Untimely Death?

Could one little girl’s night terrors hold the key to discovering what really caused her mother’s untimely death? Natali Castellanos-Tyler, 30, died in a car crash in Virginia on February 21. The police ruled the accident as a single-car collision resulting from slick road conditions. However, windower Craig Tyler is now questioning the verdict after his 4-year-old daughter began having nightmares about a “white van” that “hurt” her and her car.

WTVR reports that mother Natali and her 4-year-old daughter, Elisa, were just a few miles away from their home when the family vehicle veered off the road, smashing into a tree. Natali died from her injuries, but Elisa was mostly unharmed with just a few minor scratches. The accident was ruled as a tragic consequence of slick road conditions. However, Craig is now wondering if there is more to the story after his daughter started having night terrors about a white van.

Craig says that young Elisa will frequently wake from the night screaming out about a white van. He says the nightmares are getting so severe that the child will sometimes scream out during the day as well.

“The nightmares were in the nighttime and now they’re coming into the day. She’ll just start walking and she’ll start screaming ‘the van, the white van!’ I’ll say ‘what happened with the white van’ and she says ‘it hurt me — it hurt my car!’ “

Craig said that initially he took his daughter to the doctor about the episodes but they were baffled. No one could explain why she was having this specific nightmare. Family members tried to comfort the child, but say that they think they now know what may be causing the fits after seeing some startling information in local Facebook posts about a menacing white van.

Craig says a number of people in neighboring cities started posting about a white van involved in a number of hit-and-run accidents. Craig now wonders if another vehicle, a white van, could have been involved in his wife’s fatal collision. Three separate incidents involving a white box van side-swiping people and leaving the scene have been reported. A 17-year-old driver says she was side-swiped by the van on March 30, another female driver says she too was side-swiped by a white van on March 29. A third incident involved a white box van side-swiping a school bus of children before leaving the scene.

Despite Craig’s suspicion that the van could have been involved, police say that there is no evidence of another vehicle being involved in the accident.

What do you think? Could this little girl’s nightmares hold information about her mother’s untimely death? Or are police correct in thinking it was likely just a bad accident due to poor road conditions?

[Image Credit: Facebook]