Quadruple Rainbow Captured By Commuter, It’s The Most Beautiful Thing You’ll See All Day

A commuter departing from Long Island, New York, captured the rare beauty of a quadruple rainbow on Tuesday morning. And after posting the image to her Twitter account, it suddenly went viral.

Amanda Curtis, who is the co-owner, CEO and co-founder of the Nineteenth Amendment, a fashion store in Brooklyn, was the photographer in question. You can see her picture below.

It’s believed that the four rainbows materialized over the sky in Glen Cove, New York, near the Long Island Rail Road station, because of a storm that erupted late on Monday night and into Tuesday.

Speaking to the New York Daily News, Curtis explained that she was waiting for the train alongside other commuters when she saw the unique collection of rainbows. “I just thought it was interesting,” Curtis admitted. “It’s Tuesday, it’s 6:30 a.m., you need a little motivation.”

Curtis admitted that she has taken this as a sign that she’s set to face at upturn in fortune, teasing to the publication, “I’m gonna go buy a lottery ticket now.”

While talking to USA Today, Curtis admitted that most people who were taking pictures of the rainbow only saw two, while she was lucky enough to capture all four. “People were taking pictures of a double rainbow, and I saw that there were four separate rainbows,” Curtis declared.

Curtis also hopes that the potential luck from this sighting will extend to others who see the image, remarking, “Hope it brings some luck to other people’s days, as it has mine.”

Quadruple rainbows are remarkably rare. In fact, according to the BBC, the first time that a quadruple rainbow was captured on film was as recently as 2011. The digitally enhanced pictures originally appeared in Applied Optics, but they are nowhere near as striking as Curtis’ image.

Back in 2010, a viral video posted by Yosemitebear62 saw the YouTube user break down in tears because of the beauty of a double rainbow which appeared over Yosemite Park in California.

Paul Vasquez was the individual who recorded the video, which he captioned with, “It was rainbowing for at least a hour on January 8th 2010. It was incredible. The camera could not capture the vivid intensity and brightness. Look, into the mirror, look into your soul! What it means.”

It has since been watched over 41 million times on YouTube.

[Image via Twitter]