Woman Shoots Estranged Husband For Breaking Into Her Home, Then Police Officers Shoot Her

Lisa Skinner was reportedly terrified of her estranged husband, Bradley Lamar Skinner. As a matter of fact, the 59-year-old man was prohibited from going within 100 yards of his estranged wife due to a protection from abuse order order issued by the Madison County court system. She’d also filed a second protective order back in February due to his questionable behavior toward their daughter. The order was reportedly denied because Bradley’s actions did not directly affect her. Then, to make matters worse, on Friday, April 17, Bradley was asked yet again to refrain from contacting Lisa, but to no avail. Now, the unthinkable has happened.

According to AL.com, on Sunday, April 19, Bradley attempted to break into the home where Lisa currently resides. It has been reported that Bradley chased her through the home, pointed his gun at her, and threatened to kill her. So, of course, she feared for her life and took the approach most people would when an “intruder” breaks into their home — she defended herself and she shot him. Local authorities also stated that Lisa had the right to defend herself because he’d broken into a home that was not his. Although Lisa is still his wife, the home belongs to his mother-in-law. But, unfortunately, things didn’t exactly end as most people would assume. Surprisingly, Bradley wasn’t the only person who suffered a gunshot wound. According to the Daily Mail, Lisa was also shot — by police!

When the altercation began, Lisa’s mother reportedly ran out of the home to call 911. The Huntsville Police Department responded to the call. They found Lisa standing in the garage holding the gun she’d used to shoot her husband. Lisa reportedly turned toward one of the officers while holding the shotgun. She was asked to drop the weapon, but did not immediately do so. One of the officers shot her in the hip after failing to comply.

According to New York Daily News, the unnamed officer has been placed on administrative leave following the incident. Although the department plans to investigate the incident, Lisa is not expected to face charges. It has been reported that Bradley’s injuries are considered life-threatening. But, Lisa is expected to make a full recovery.

Lisa’s case has garnered lots of attention from readers, because surprisingly, many have mixed opinions about whether or not the officer made the right decision. While some feel Lisa should have just complied, others argue that the officer acted too quickly. Due to the disturbing series of events that took place, most readers insist “her state of shock” the only reason she did not immediately drop the weapon.

“She had seconds earlier had a gun pointed at her and then shot her estranged spouse in the chest. If you’ve had similar things happen to you and emerged clear-headed, then kudos to you, but that will put most people in a state of shock.”

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[Photo by George Frey/Getty Images]