Burger King Advertises On Russia’s ‘Tittygram’

Tittygram is a new site in Russia where companies or individuals can advertise by having their messages written on a woman’s chest. According to BuzzFeed News, Burger King is the only known American company that has advertised on Tittygram so far.

Tittygram’s clients pay $9.95 to have a model pose with a custom message of no more than 35 characters written on her chest. She does wear a bra while the message is being displayed.

Tittygram launched last March. Burger King was one of its first customers. On April 7, the Russian Burger King posted a custom message on Tittygram that is similar to Facebook. The message on the woman’s chest reads, “I love Burger King.”

The CEO of Tittygram, Vladimir Gritsenko says Tittygram gives 2 percent of its profits toward breast cancer research.

The startup said it already hired several women and signed dozens of businesses for its launch. Each ad runs anywhere between $7 to $10 for up to 35 words. Any woman over 21 can apply to be a model by sending in a photo of her chest. Tittygram models were paid up $88 a day to have the ads written across their breasts when the site first launched. Now new models will be paid an undisclosed flat rate per message.

Tittygram has not been received entirely favorably. The New York Daily News reports that Russia’s aim to sell ads on women’s breasts has sparked criticism because it is demeaning to women.

The entire business model of Tittygram is sparking a gender clash on social media. Some users on Twitter think the idea is brilliant, while others think it’s degrading and sexist.

Tittygram is only available in Russia so far, and it’s highly doubtful that a service like that would be successful in the United States.

In these modern days, there are numerous ways to advertise. Companies use billboards, newspapers, magazine, television and radio to let people know about their businesses. Social media is also a way to advertise for organizations to get the word out instantly. Tittygram is a way to advertise the message, but some people think the advertisement is calling just as much attention to the woman’s breasts as to the company’s message.

It is surprising that Burger King is one of Tittygram’s first clients. While it might work well in Russia, it might not stand a chance in the United States.

What are your thoughts about Tittygram in Russia? Do you think Burger King’s fans are frowning about Burger King’s new form of advertising?

[Image via Russia’s Burger King]