April 18, 2015
Man Saves Miami Officer: Van Of William Ramirez Blocked Shooting Of Cop Rosny Obas

Reports say a man saved a Miami officer by using his van as a shield against a hailstorm of incoming gunfire. Now this good Samaritan has been identified as William Ramirez, and he is being honored for saving the life of Miami police officer Rosny Obas.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, another nameless hero rescued a driver from a SUV that was left hanging over a cliff after a car crash in Idaho left the driver fazed. The good Samaritan was caught on camera, and eventually his identity came out, although he's not seeking praise for his actions.

Miami police believe 28-year-old Frantzy Armand is the shooter in the incident. It is alleged he was involved in a fender bender with another taxi, and in response, Armand went to the other driver's company and vandalized several cabs. Rookie cop Rosny Obas was taking a report with the cab company when someone noticed Armand driving by in his vehicle.

When Obas tried to pull Armand over, Armand stopped his vehicle and emerged with a rifle that was hidden underneath a duffel bag. The cab driver and the cop began exchanging gunfire, although Armand's gun briefly jammed during the gunfight. A passing motorist was even struck in the shoulder by a bullet, although it has not been determined which gun fired that bullet.

Columbian immigrant William Ramirez says he was driving his Dodge Caravan to work on Tuesday morning when he spotted the Miami police officer laying on the ground, trying to take cover from the gunfire. Thinking quickly, the man saved the Miami officer with his van by quickly swerving around, shielding the cop from the shooter. Ramirez opened the side door, pulled Obas to safety, and then sped off even as bullets continued to fly.

After the van made its escape, Frantzy Armand continued his wild crime spree, with other police officers chasing him into North Miami. After another shootout, Armand was taken into custody.

Fortunately, Rosny Obas was not hit by any of the gunfire, but Miami police Chief Rodolfo Llanes said the incident certainly shook the rookie cop.

"He is a strong young man, and I think he will recover well and become a great police man," Llanes said. "I spoke to him the day of the incident. He's obviously shaken as a result of the event. It's a difficult, life changing scenario to go through, but I think he has the solid ground to recover from that."

The police chief says the Columbian man saved the Miami officer's life with his van.

"I've spoken to him and he's very proud of what he did, and we're very proud and thankful," Llanes said. "Gratitude goes out to someone who helps an officer. He said it best: God put him there to save the officer's life and that's what he did."

Obas's police union attorney, Eugene Gibbons, met with the good Samaritan and thanked him for saving the Miami officer.

"He was obviously very in tune and perceptive," Gibbons said. "You have an officer with a handgun against a much more high-powered weapon. He was at a severe disadvantage. He was in a bad way."

William Ramirez speaks limited English, but he says he is looking forward to being honored by the city of Miami for his deed. However, he admits his family is mad at him for putting himself in danger.

"I love this country," he said, according to the Miami Herald.

[Image via Patch]