Mary Nunes, Scott Kelley Return: Girl And Stepfather Back In U.S. After Hiding For A Decade

After being on the run for a decade, missing pair Mary Nunes and Scott Kelley have returned to the United States. Nunes and her stepfather, Kelley, had gone on the run with her mother, Genevieve, back in 2004. Genevieve returned to the U.S. last year and just days ago, Scott and Mary revealed themselves to the U.S. Consulate in Costa Rica.

People shares that Mary Nunes and Scott Kelley walked into the consulate in Costa Rica on Monday. They said they would like new passports, and on Wednesday they boarded a plane for Georgia. Once they landed, Kelley was arrested. He will be facing charges of unlawful flight to avoid prosecution and non-custodial kidnapping in New Hampshire.

Genevieve and Scott took Mary to Central America back in 2004. The disappearance came after allegations were made that Mary’s biological father, Mark Nunes, had sexually abused her. There was an investigation, but he was never charged.

As the Daily Mail notes, the case dates back to a difficult custody battle and incident in December, 2004. Mary Nunes’ biological father, Mark Nunes, was given custody of the girl to take her for medical treatment due to an unspecified illness. Reports indicate that Genevieve wouldn’t hand Mary over and instead took her to Colorado for a second medical opinion. There a doctor reportedly determined that Mary had acute post-traumatic stress disorder.

It was in Colorado that the sexual abuse allegations against Mark arose. The Colorado authorities investigated and labeled the abuse allegations unfounded. It seems that they also said that Genevieve, rather than Mark, likely abused Mary. By that time, Mary, her mother, and her stepfather had disappeared.

As was previously reported by the Inquisitr, Genevieve Kelley returned to the U.S. in November, 2014. Genevieve waited until Mary turned 18-years-old so that she could no longer be made to appear in family court, People reported at the time.

In addition to waiting until Mary turned 18, Genevieve chose to return when she did because she wanted to get medical care for her son, John, who has cystic fibrosis. John was born to Genevieve and Scott as the family was in hiding. She also indicated that she wanted to practice medicine again and see her parents.

Until this week, Mary Nunes and Scott Kelley remained missing, and he indicates simply that “It was time to come home” now.

Genevieve Kelley’s trial related to the case is slated to begin on May 8. Reports indicate that Mary is well and will be testifying at her mother’s trial. She is currently staying at an undisclosed location. Genevieve is not allowed to have contact with Mary Nunes, and Scott Kelley is currently being held without bail in Georgia.

[Image via People]