The Internet Is Having Way Too Much Fun With Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Font


Thanks to some hard-working graphic designers, a crowdfunding campaign, social media, and the internet’s collective mantra of “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth overdoing,” you can now write your own messages using a font based on the “H” in Hillary Clinton’s campaign logo.

Hillary Clinton’s rather… unorthodox campaign logo has been the subject of amusement, criticism, and downright mockery since almost the very moment it was unveiled last Sunday, according to The Washington Post.

Now, thanks to graphic designer Rick Wolff’s hard work, you can now download an app that will let anyone and everyone make use of the font.

Although Wolff at first called the new font “Hillary Bold,” the internet has decided that “Hillvetica” works better. And social media users have taken the new Hillary font and run with it, according to Independent Journal Review. Using the Twitter hashtag #Hillvetica, users have come up with some rather clever uses of the Hillary font.

One presumably conservative Twitter user used the Hillary Font to point out an issue that is likely to dog the candidate throughout the upcoming campaign.

Another user suggested that another Democrat with her name in the mix could make use of the Hillary font.

And of course, whenever people are having fun, someone has to be a wet blanket.

Just because Hillary supporters are having a field day with the Hillary font doesn’t mean that conservatives can’t get in on the action, too.

Other social media users suggested that Republicans eschew the Hillary font in favor of their own fonts.

Say what you will about Hillary or her policies, at least she doesn’t lack a sense of humor, as far as her font is concerned.

If you’d like to write your own messages in the Hillary font, you can use a The Washington Post’s Hillvetica widget here.