Woman Caught Cheating With Another Man — What Happens Next Will Leave You Speechless [Video]

An unnamed woman is making headlines after footage of her affair surfaced online. While infidelity is nothing new, there’s something a bit different about her situation. Her reaction to being caught has actually gone viral. Apparently, her boyfriend was well aware she was home in bed with another man. So, he decided to catch her in the act — on camera. However, he didn’t exactly get the reaction most viewers were expecting. Surprisingly, she didn’t care at all!

The two-minute video begins with the boyfriend walking up a flight of stairs to his girlfriend’s apartment. As he walked up the stairs, he explained that his girlfriend’s roommate called the previous night to tell him she had been sleeping with another guy. So, he decided to come check things out. He stated that he intended to “ruin her life” by catching her cheating.

When he opens the door to the bedroom, sure enough, the girlfriend can be seen laying in bed with the other man. However, what happened next was quite different. Neither of them made an attempt to move after acknowledging his presence. They actually continued to lay in bed as if he wasn’t even standing there!

In a calm voice, the boyfriend began complaining to his girlfriend about how she has no respect for him. He also stated that he works approximately 100 hours a week to help take care of her, but nothing he seems to do is enough. His calm, nonchalant rant is so shocking that many viewers have questioned whether the footage is just a dramatization, because no man would be pleased to be in the situation he’s in. When he addresses the guy, he also belittled and waved off his question as if he didn’t matter. Then, in the middle of their one-sided conversation, the video shuts off.

Needless to say, the shocking video has sparked outrage. Of course, an overwhelming number of viewers have slammed the guy’s girlfriend for her lack of respect for her boyfriend, but others have also blamed him for tolerating her mistreatment. The video was uploaded on Apr. 13 to World Star Hip Hop and has since gone viral with more than two million views. Surprisingly, some viewers have come to the boyfriend’s defense insisting love is blind, but the debate has been ongoing.

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[Image(s) via World Star Hip Hop Screen Captures]