Lawyer Mistakenly Drops $1,200 In Chick-Fil-A – What An Employee Did With The Money Has Gone Viral

On Apr. 1, Atlanta civil rights attorney, Victor Long, lost $1,200. Apparently, he’d dropped the funds while eating breakfast at a Chick-Fil-A restaurant in Downtown Decatur, GA but, of course, he had no idea where the money was – until now.

According to WRIC-TV, the money was found by a Chick-Fil-A employee named Jacob King. On Friday, Apr. 10, Long came forward to claim the money he’d lost. The young man who found the money could have pocketed it, but he chose to be honest and return the money to its rightful owner. Now, the commendable act has gone viral.

When Long arrived, he had the privilege of meeting the young man who found the hundreds of dollars he thought he’d never see again. The noble act caught the attention of the local news. Both Long and King have been interviewed by a local news station. King recounted how he reacted when he discovered the money. “I just looked down and I saw a little green square thing on the floor,” King said. “I picked it up, and I was a little worried that somebody was missing that much money.”

The young man revealed he turned the money over to his manager, reports WFAA. After reviewing surveillance footage, the manager was able to see who dropped the money, but unfortunately, they were initially unable to identify Long. After trying relentlessly to identify the mystery man on the surveillance cameras, the manager decided to turn the footage over to 11 Alive, so an announcement could be made to find the person who’d lost the money. Luckily, Long watched the news! After seeing the footage, he immediately contacted the Chick-Fil-A restaurant. He admits that he never even thought about the possibility he’d left the money there. He also applauded King for his honesty and wanted to personally thank the young man.

“I had gone to so many places that day, I didn’t even think about backtracking, because I figured anybody who found the money, the way people need things now, it probably never was going to come back. That shows the goodness in him as well as the goodness in this establishment,” Long said, “that they have here good people. Good honest people who are willing to work and to serve. And I can’t imagine what Chick-fil-A had to go through to find me, and they made a tremendous effort to find me and to make sure I got the money back.”

Although the noble act has garnered lots of attention, King explained that the decision he made was quite simple. “You only really have two ways to go about things,” King said, “there’s the right way and there’s every other way. And that’s pretty much all there is to it.”

[Image via WRIC-TV Screen Captures]