Baby Trapped In Car: Cop Does Something Courageous To Save Baby’s Life

A baby was recently trapped inside of a car on one of the hottest days of the year. While there have been many similar cases with horrific endings, luckily, this baby’s life was saved. Now, one police officer is making headlines for his courageous actions that have saved a life.

According to Mirror Online, on Tuesday, Apr. 14, the eight-month-old baby was trapped inside a Range Rover when the mother accidentally locked the keys inside the vehicle. In 73 degree weather, it was imperative that the child be removed from the car in a timely fashion. The mother was reportedly panicking because the heat inside of the vehicle was steadily getting worse. Luckily, a Kingston police officer by the name of PC Resteghini arrived on the scene and used his baton to bash the window in to free the baby.

Resteghini’s fast thinking and brave actions were so commendable that the police department decided to share the news with the world via Twitter. The police department’s tweet quickly caught the attention of hundreds, and several news outlets have reported about the officer. The cop has officially been declared a #hero for his life-saving actions, reports Metro.

All of the coverage led to an interview where Resteghini shared specific details about the incident. Many viewers and social media users have desired to hear about the incident straight from the man himself. So, the detailed statement was shared on the police department’s Facebook page.

“She had locked her car by accident with her keys and 8 month old baby inside. I responded on blue lights and arrived shortly after the call came out. The mother was very upset which is understandable, however we were able to calm her down and assure her that we would help. We were unable to get into the vehicle using non obtrusive methods and so the only option was to break the window. We tried the life hammer but that had no effect, so I used my baton and managed to gain access. The child was removed safely and was not harmed at all and they did not require an ambulance. I acted as any other police officer would, seeing the need to get the child safely out of a car that potentially was getting very hot due to the weather conditions. I am glad everyone is safe and I hope you are all enjoying the nice weather we are currently having!”

[Image via Twitter]