Man Who Only Intended To Kill Bedbugs Ends Up Setting Himself On Fire

A New York man is in critical condition after he attempted to kill bedbugs nesting inside his rental car. The bizarre incident reportedly took place on Tuesday, April 14, in front of a supermarket in Eastport, NY. It has been reported that the accident has left him with first- and second-degree burns.

According to the Daily Mail, the fire is actually the result of bedbugs. Scott Kemery, of Bridgehampton, NY, had purchased a rental car and discovered the car was filled with bedbugs. So, in an effort to kill the bedbugs, he poured alcohol all over the car to kill the insects. Detectives stated that Kemery was allegedly told if he saturated the insects in alcohol, it would kill them instantly. Although the alcohol probably did kill the bedbugs, Kemery was totally unaware that he’d put himself in danger as well. Shortly after killing the bedbugs, he sat inside the car and lit a cigarette, which set the car on fire.

Arson Detective Sgt. Edward Fitzgerald released a brief statement to Newsday, where he shared details about the shocking incident.

“He said he had bedbugs in the car, and someone told him if he saturated them with alcohol, it would kill them,” said Det. Fitzgerald. “So he went and bought some alcohol, he poured it all in there and he sat in his car and lit a cigarette..Everything’s burned up,” Fitzgerald said, “so we’re going to wait until the vehicle theft section gets us a confidential VIN number. Then we’ll know for sure.”

Kemery reportedly informed detectives that the rental car was from Florida, but unfortunately, detectives cannot determine whether or not his claims are factual because the car was so badly burned. Both license plates were destroyed in the fire.

It has been reported that the intense level of heat radiating from the car also caused two other vehicles to be heavily damaged as well, reports News-7. Fortunately, no one else was injured in the fire. Although the fire hasn’t officially been deemed an accident, Kemery is not facing any criminal charges as of now. The investigation will be ongoing, but Det. Fitzgerald has stated that the facts “seem to line up.” Kemery was airlifted to Stony Brook University Hospital where he is currently being treated for his injuries.

[Image via Newsday Screen Capture]