Oh Deer! Video Of Deer Attempting To Escape A Maze Of Backyard Fences Goes Viral [Video]

A deer jumped a fence in a suburban neighborhood and found itself trapped in a maze of backyards that it couldn’t seem to escape. One suburban dad, Benny Frank, decided to record the poor deer’s attempt to escape suburbia to no avail.

The video shows a deer hopping hopelessly around a backyard as a man inside films. The deer seems confused as to where it is, and simply wants to escape. It hops over the backyard fence but finds itself, yet again, in another backyard. As it runs back and forth, the deer proceeds to jump numerous times over a variety of fences, each time landing in a different backyard.

At the 0:42 mark the camera cuts away and it seems as though the creature has made its big escape. However, the camera begins to roll again as the deer returns to the same backyard that it began. Sadly for the poor deer, the video ends with the deer still trapped inside the neighborhood maze of yards. Hopefully the man filming the creature’s failed attempt to escape went outside and opened a gate.

Not all hope is lost for the poor trapped dear. As the Inquisitr previously reported, if humans won’t come to the creature’s rescue, another creature might. A pit bull was recently filmed consoling a deer who was injured and trapped in a fence.

What would you do if you saw a deer struggling to escape a neighborhood maze of fences? Would you film the incident or go open a gate for the fleeing creature?