Heroic Pit Bull Consoles Injured Deer Trapped In Fence, Footage Goes Viral [Video]

Although pit bulls tend to get a bad rap for their infamous volatile nature and aggressive temperament, there have been a number of pit bulls featured via social media that challenge the typical stereotypes, reports Life with Dogs.

On March 24, footage of a heroic pit bull named Gotti was uploaded to YouTube. Now, his heartwarming act of kindness has gone viral. Gotti’s owner reportedly caught the loving moment on camera when the deer was found stuck under a fence in their backyard.

The 30-second clip shows the pit bull consoling the injured deer, who appears to be trapped under the fence. It’s quite obvious the deer is panicking, but the pit bull makes a gratuitous effort to console the deer. The caption under the video offered brief details about the debacle along with an update on the injured deer’s condition.

“After a deer got stuck in our garden fence Gotti became so concerned about the deer he sat there with us for hours licking and comforting the deer until animal rescue came to take the deer to the hospital.”

While many viewers stated that they’re still skeptical about pit bulls, most admitted that Gotti is definitely an exception. A number of viewers who are avid pit bull lovers also took the moment as an opportunity to speak out in support of pit bulls, stating that all of them are not dangerous. Many viewers also shared brief details about the positive personal experiences with pit bulls.

Here are some of the comments via Opposing Views.

“This just goes to show that pit bulls are only as bad or as good as their owners it’s all in the way they are treated just like any other dog.”

“I will tell you what. My mother has 3 pit bulls, one that we’ve had for 15 years and 2 that are rescues. I trust those dogs with my kids more than most people I’ve met in my life.”

What do you think about the heroic pit bull? Share your thoughts.

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