Solange’s Friend Stabbed, But Arronesia Christophe Claims Self Defense Against Armina Mussa

Although Arronesia Christophe admits she had Solange’s friend stabbed, the young woman claims she was attacked by Armina Mussa and used the knife in self-defense. The police report also notes that Christophe called 911 for her alleged victim and even waited at the scene of the crime until the authorities could arrive.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, Solange Knowles has been at Armina Mussa’s bedside ever since she came out of surgery. A stab wound to the neck was described as “potentially fatal,” and Solange has remained with her friend’s family during these trying times. Besides being friends, the two are also business partners; Mussa is the project director of Solange Knowles’ brand Saint Heron and co-owner of New Orleans French Quarter boutique Exodus Goods.

The police are saying Arronesia Christophe had Solange’s friend stabbed during a fight that erupted this past Wednesday. New Orleans Police Officer Dominique Dejernette says Christophe was attempting to visit a high school friend’s house, but Armina Mussa happened to be this person’s ex-girlfriend. When Christophe pulled up in her vehicle, it is alleged that Mussa came out of the house and began to yell at the other woman.

In response, Christophe replied, “We’re just friends, why do I have to leave?”

At that point, Arronesia Christophe claims Armina Mussa became more aggressive, so Christophe says she grabbed a small folding knife from her car’s center console and yelled, “Get back!” Reports do not say whether or not Christophe willingly exited her vehicle, but Christophe told police that Mussa began punching her and tried to drag her down to the ground by her hair. Christophe says she used the knife in self-defense and did not realize how much damage she was doing.

“(Christophe) stated she did not think she had stabbed the victim due to the harder thrown punches that she received from the victim,” officer Dejernette wrote in the police report.

Christophe claims she did not realize she had successfully stabbed Armina Mussa until she stepped back from the fight and said, “You stabbed me.” Arronesia then called the authorities and stayed on the phone with the 911 dispatch until police officers arrived at the scene. Officer Dejernette then arrested Christophe on charges of aggravated battery.

Solange Knowles has been part of the proceedings ever since and has even canceled her upcoming appearance at the Coachella festival in order to be there for her friend. Solange was present at Christophe’s first appearance at Orleans Parish Criminal Court on Thursday. Although Christophe claims she had Solange’s friend stabbed in self-defense, the court upgraded her charges to attempted second-degree murder due to the severity of the stab wounds.

Arronesia Christophe is currently jailed at the Orleans Parish Prison on a $350,000 bond, but she is unlikely to have celebrity friends come to bail her out. Christophe’s LinkedIn page lists her as working as an “Executive Team Lead” at a Target retail store since January of 2013. She previously worked the front desk at a Marriott hotel and as a clinical service rep for “Our L.”

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