Solange’s Friend Stabbed 10 Times, Armina Mussa In Hospital With Solange Knowles Keeping Vigil

According to reports, Armina Mussa, Solange Knowles’ friend, was stabbed 10 times in a brutal attack which left her in the hospital. Police have already arrested 26-year-old Arronesia Christophe and booked her on charges of attempted second-degree murder. Solange Knowles is currently keeping vigil with her friend, who remains in critical condition from the stabbing.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, Solange Knowles’ finances have come under attack by the IRS.

The police are saying that Arronesia Christophe had Solange’s friend stabbed over an argument that occurred on April 8, 2015. Christophe claims to have been attacked by Armina Mussa, and says she was acting in self defense.

Christophe claimed the incident started when she attempted to visit a high school friend who apparently was Mussa’s ex. Armina came out of the house and told Christophe to leave, but she replied, “We’re just friends, why do I have to leave?” When Mussa continued to yell at her, Christophe says she grabbed a small folding knife from within her car and demanded that Mussa “get back.”

New Orleans Police Officer Dominique Dejernette says Arronesia Christophe claims that Armina Mussa began punching her and tried to pull her to the ground by her hair. In response, Christophe says she started swinging the knife in self defense, but allegedly did not realize she successfully stabbed the other woman multiple times.

“(Christophe) stated she did not think she had stabbed the victim due to the harder thrown punches that she received from the victim,” officer Dejernette wrote in her report. Christophe stopped swinging the knife when Mussa stepped back and said, “You stabbed me.” After calling 911, Christophe stayed at the scene and remained on the phone with the 911 dispatcher until police could arrive.

Armina Mussa was rushed to the hospital where she underwent multiple surgeries. The most serious wound was a stab to the neck, which was described as “potentially fatal.” When Solange Knowles heard about her friend’s stabbing, she cancelled all her plans and flew to be with Mussa and her family.

After Arronesia Christophe had Solange’s friend stabbed, she was initially charged with aggravated battery, but on Friday the charges were upgraded to attempted second-degree murder based upon the severity of the injuries. According to NOLA, Christophe is currently jailed at the Orleans Parish Prison on a $50,000 bond.

According to TMZ, Solange has been at Armina Mussa’s bedside ever since she came out of surgery. Besides being friends, the two are also business partners since Mussa is the project director of Solange Knowles’ brand, Saint Heron, and co-owner of New Orleans French Quarter boutique, Exodus Goods.

[Image of Armina Mussa via Twitter]

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