Janel Parrish Delivers A New Single And Dishes On Her ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Character [Video]

Janel Parrish has been busy since Pretty Little Liars ended, and her Twitter followers were the first to see the fruits of her labors. Janel just released a new song through YouTube with the help of Vince Pizzinga. The song is called “Heart Made of Stone.”

Ms. Parrish has always held an interest in music, according to sources close to the Pretty Little Liars star, and those close to Janel were pleased to see that she hasn’t let that part of her artistic interests get lost. In the past, Janel recorded a song for the soundtrack of the motion picture Bratz and has also used her singing talents in episodes of Pretty Little Liars. Ms. Parrish also has a history of performing in musical theater productions.

“Music is my passion, singing, performing. I play piano and musical theater is my background… I’m hoping to do more with my music. I did the stage musical ‘Spring Awakening’ recently and it reignited the love I have for singing.”

Ms. Parrish released the song entitled “Heart Made of Stone” on YouTube, providing the link to the single to her Twitter followers yesterday.

“Who’s ready for my first single? I worked on ‘Heart Made Of Stone’ with the wonderful @vincepizzinga. Hope you guys love it,” the Pretty Little Liars actress tweeted.

Janel was surprised and more than a little thrilled to wake up to a response of 32,000 views. Vince Pizzinga co-wrote the song with Parrish and also assisted on the track by producing and mixing “Heart Made of Stone.”

Janel Parrish
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Following the release of “Heart Made of Stone,” Ms. Parrish took a break from her singing ambitions to answer some questions about Mona Vanderwaal’s return to Pretty Little Liars. Let’s face it: fans want the inside scoop on what they can expect when Pretty Little Liars returns. Janel Parrish understands after such a shocking season finale, and she says the new season can be summed up with just one word. Change.

“I think it’s going to change all the girls. We’re going to start to see in season 6, especially in the first episode, how these girls are being punished for their actions and some of it is pretty brutal. I think it’s going to change all of them and when they return to Rosewood, they’re not going to be the same people. It’s dark! We’re being held in an underground prison. It’s crazy, right?!”

So, it seems that Mona is finally on the same side as all of the Pretty Little Liars. Janel assures fans that is the case, or at least for as long as all of their interests coincide. Things may change as the girls free themselves from the dollhouse and return back to life in Rosewood. After all, there’s still much to learn about Charles, and Ms. Parrish assures us that not even Mona knows the whole truth about that mysterious Big A.

“I’m most excited, not only for fans but for myself, to find out more about Charles, to find out who this person is, because I know as much as everyone else does and I’m also dying to know. You should’ve seen us at the table read. We all were like, ‘What? Marlene, who is Charles?’ And she just sits there with her little smile. She’s like, ‘You’ll see.’ We’re like, ‘Marlene, come on!’ “

The sixth season of Pretty Little Liars will begin in June on ABC Family.