‘Pretty Little Liars’ Executive Producer Reveals More About ‘Big A’

Warning: This article contains spoilers for the season finale of Pretty Little Liars.

The second half of the fifth season of Pretty Little Liars has been a constant thrill ride for PLL fans, as the biggest reveal in the show’s five-year history draws closer and closer with the Pretty Little Liars season finale.

“I think we’re going to break Twitter all night long,” Marlene King, PLL’s executive producer, told ET Online. “This is an episode that’s not just shocking and action-packed and scary as hell — it’s demented and emotional.”

King went on to confirm that the dollhouse theme plays a big part in the season finale, in addition to it being an underlying motif throughout much of Season 5 of Pretty Little Liars.

“It gave us an interesting idea, and I will say that this episode is unlike anything you have ever seen — not just on ‘Pretty Little Liars’ but on television period.”

In describing the season finale, Ms. King used words like edgy, demented, and wild, but perhaps even more enticing to PLL fans is her comment that this is going to be the most important episode in all of Pretty Little Liars’ history. How important? Will Pretty Little Liars fans know the whole truth by the end of the episode?

No. Not the whole truth.

“If I were talking to you after the episode, it’s very easy to explain it because it will make sense. I don’t want to sound cagey because I don’t want to make the fans thinks we’re not giving them this massive reveal. It is the biggest reveal we’ve ever given so far. In so many ways you will know who this person is, but I will just say there is a little bit more story left to tell after the episode — not a lot of story, but a little bit.”

Ms. King tells PLL fans that the whole episode leads up to a very specific event, where the Pretty Little Liars learn the identity of Big A and it’s like watching the fuse burn on a bomb. At that last moment, the moment PLL fans have been waiting for all season arrives.

“There’s a line and I’ll tell you what it is — it’s a spoiler and I don’t think we’ve told this line to anyone. A certain character in this finale says something like, “Oh my God, ‘A’ has a soul.” That to me tells us yes we’re ramping up to the end of this story — but it’s not just pulling off the mask of ‘A’, it’s really finding out that ‘A’ is human too and ‘A’ has a soul like anyone else.”

As if that weren’t enough, Marlene also said that, when PLL fans do find out who “Big A” is and what has motivated him or her, it will be an emotional rollercoaster with fans sympathizing with this villain. As PLL fans have long known, “Big A” has focused his or her grudge on Allison for something she has done and, whatever act that may have been, the rest of the Pretty Little Liars played a part in it. The fallout from that may be even more devastating than the liars themselves can even predict, as Pretty Little Liars closes out its fifth season and draws even closer to the end of the series.

The fifth season finale of Pretty Little Liars airs on Tuesday, March 24 on ABC Family.

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