The Beginning Of The End For Five ‘Pretty Little Liars’

Warning: This article contains spoilers for the season finale of Pretty Little Liars.

Season 5 of Pretty Little Liars is coming to a close with only two more episodes left and, much more importantly, PLL fans will finally learn the truth about Big A with the clues mounting up in anticipation of that ultimate reveal in Episode 24, “Welcome to the Dollhouse.” Sadly, the end of this season also puts our Pretty Little Liars on the downhill slide, with only 2 more planned seasons to go before PLL fans may have to say goodbye to Hannah, Emily, Aria, Spencer, and, yes, even Allison. That means events and truths that were inconceivable even just one season ago are now entirely possible, creating an all-bets-are-off scenario for the Pretty Little Liars. But what do PLL fans know as of this moment?

First of all, Pretty Little Liars showrunner Marlene King has gone on record that one person (and ONLY one person) has ever correctly identified Big A, as well as the motives behind that person’s actions, reports Entertainment Tonight. She added in a recent interview that other PLL fans have also identified Big A since she made that statement, but none of them had correctly established the motive.

“It’s only been one time in the history of the show. Both my assistant and I saw it online — I won’t even say where — but there was someone who had it completely right, and I think I saved it. If I have it, and once that revelation is revealed, I will call that person. It was shockingly correct.”

Of course, as has been stated earlier, King has promised that the identity and motives of Big A will definitely be revealed in the Pretty Little Liars season finale, set to air on March 24 on ABC Family.

King revealed that a handful of actors do know who Big A is, but they are even keeping the truth hush-hush from their Pretty Little Liars co-stars. King offered to reveal just who knows the truth, so now we all know who can be trusted with a secret!

“Troian [Bellisario] and Keegan [Allen] know. We were very late on set one night and I told them. And maybe Ashley [Benson] knows now too.”

As PLL fans have already seen with the arrest and trial of Allison, King confirmed that Season 5 has been about Big A punishing the Pretty Little Liars. That’s not enough for A, King tells fans. Big A wants all of the Pretty Little Liars locked away behind bars. The final episode of this season will really be about one thing.

“So the question is: Who’s going to win? Will there be one orange jumpsuit by the end of season five, or will there be five orange jumpsuits?”

King did reveal something that may send the majority of PLL fans into a major freakout. For five years, Pretty Little Liars fans have been asking King whether Allison’s twin sister, Courtney, would be making an appearance on the television adaptation. King has finally revealed that not only is that a very real possibility (surely everyone has caught those not-so-subtle references to the possibility of a twin running around Rosewood), but she also said that the twin theory may lead to the discovery of Big A’s identity.

“Wait for it. You’re not going to see Courtney, but you may see double of someone.”

As the clues mount and the finale draws near, every PLL fan has their own theory on the identity of Big A. Will the existence of an unknown twin change your theory? Watch for more clues this Tuesday, when Episode 23 of Pretty Little Liars, “I’m A Good Girl, I Am,” brings viewers closer to the truth about Big A.

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