Video Shows Cop Punching Heavily Pregnant War Veteran While CPS Removes Toddler From Home

A home surveillance system captured video footage of a Texas police officer punching a heavily pregnant Iraq war veteran for “resisting arrest” as a CPS worker attempted to remove her 18-month old child from her care. Deanna Robinson, who is 38 weeks pregnant, says that the cop punched her three or four times in the back as her stomach pounded against the kitchen cabinet. She was then placed in jail for six days based on charges of resisting arrest, interfering with child custody and assaulting an officer.

The video, which Deanna Robinson uploaded to Youtube shows a 30-second clip captured by her parent’s home surveillance security system on the day of her arrest. The video clearly shows the officer raising his fist and punching the woman in the back as she lay against a cabinet. His fist raises again and the video cuts out. Robinson notes that her parent’s video system only records in 30-second intervals. Therefore, the entire scene was not captured; however, she has the first blow on camera as well as photographs of injuries sustained from the attack.

The Daily Mail reports that the police came to the home of Robinson’s parents to take custody of her 18-month-old child after an altercation with her husband. She said the abuse and neglect charges were reported by her stepson who has cerebral palsy and is in a wheelchair. He reported an argument between Robinson and her husband to his teacher who then called CPS.

Robinson says after the argument, she went to her parent’s home but a CPS agent called to say they wanted to speak with her about the incident. Instead of speaking, Robinson says they came with papers to remove the child. She says she did not want them to take her toddler so she stepped between the CPS worker and her son and said, “No, you’re not touching my kid.” At this point, the altercation began as the two large police officers pushed the 38-week-pregnant Robinson against the kitchen counter and allegedly punched her at least three times.

“I’m 38 weeks pregnant, and with my stomach again repeatedly pressed into that counter, and with my 18-month old son watching his mother be assaulted, and him screaming in fear.”

Robinson says the resisting arrest and assaulting an officer charges are unfounded as she could not have assaulted the officer since she was heavily pregnant and handcuffed. When the officer raised his fist and punched the pregnant woman, she was handcuffed while being held against a kitchen cabinet by two police officers.

Robinson is also a decorated Iraq war veteran. She received the Air Force’s highest honor, the Airman’s Medal, after helping drag several soldiers from a burning plane in Iraq.

The Hunt County Sheriff’s Office claims that they are investigating the issue and will determine if a violation of policy took place. Photos of the injuries sustained by Robinson can be viewed here.

What charges do you think the police officer should face for punching the pregnant woman?