April 6, 2015
Phillip White Death Video: Disturbing Footage Shows Police Allowing K-9 To Maul Unconscious Man To Death

Phillip White died last week during a showdown with police, and new video of the disturbing incident shows what appears to be officers allowing a K-9 to maul the unconscious man to death.

White died on Tuesday while in police custody. Officers in Vineland, New Jersey, had restrained him not long after responding to a call about a disorderly person.

It's not entirely clear yet how the incident transpired, but cell phone video shows two officers standing over Phillip White as he laid on the ground, apparently unconscious. One of the officers held the leash of a police dog, allowing it to bite White around the head and neck several times before pulling the dog away.

NBC Philadelphia spoke to a law enforcement expert who said that the Phillip White death video showed that police made grievous errors in how they handled the situation.

"The expert -- a top ranking law enforcement official and former use of force instructor -- spoke anonymously about what transpired on the tape," the report noted.

"The official, who is not connected to the investigation, said officers should have called off the dog immediately after bringing White under control. He also said the officer who demanded the person recording the video turn over his cell phone had no right to do so."

The Phillip White death video is also drawing outrage online, with many calling on police to investigate and bring charges against the officers that appeared to allow the dog to maul the unconscious man.

The White family is also calling on police to answer questions about the death.

"There are great concerns about the circumstances that surround this death," said Conrad Benedetto, an attorney retained by the family. "Mr. White's demise is the second police-involved force incident in Cumberland County within 91 days. The public and Mr. White's family deserve answers as to how Phillip was killed and why there is a lack of oversight of local police."

This is the second video to emerge showing the death of Phillip White. Last week a grainy video was uploaded to the internet showing the interaction between the 32-year-old and police, spreading quickly on social media. The Cumberland County Prosecutor Office said it was investigating that video, but the police department has not commented on it.

There are other issues being raised by the Phillip White death video. In the footage, an officer is seen confronting the person taking the video, demanding they turn over identification and trying to confiscate the footage. It is not illegal for citizens to record video of police.

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