Madison Teen Shot: Black Man Killed By Police, Teen’s Death Echoes Ferguson Protests

A Madison teen shot by police was killed Friday night after he and a police officer struggled inside a home. The 19-year-old man’s death is sparking another Ferguson-type protest among citizens.

WGN-TV reports that the officer was responding to a call around 6:30 p.m. about a man jumping in and out of traffic, and hitting people. When the officer entered the apartment where the suspect had run into, he says he was assaulted by the teen. When a struggle ensued, young man was shot. The report adds that the suspect didn’t appear to be armed.

In a lengthy report by ABC 27 News, the Madison teen shot in the fatal encounter is identified as Tony Robinson. Madison Police Chief, Mike Koval, confirms that an “officer shot and killed a 19-year old black man after a struggle in a home on Williamson St.” NBC News adds that Tony Terrell Robinson, Jr. was a graduate of Sun Prairie High School.

The shooting is showing signs of unrest among Madison — just as it did after Michael Brown’s shooting last August in Ferguson, Missouri when officer Darren Wilson shot and killed the teen in a struggle

As WGN-TV goes on to report, Chief Koval released a statement to the community following the Madison teen’s death, urging people to not use violence.

“In light of so much things that have happened not just across the country, but in our own community, it’s understandable that the reaction at the scene and of some of our citizens is extremely volatile, emotional and upsetting. And we understand that. That’s absolutely appropriate under these circumstances. We would urge, obviously, that everyone exercise restraint, calm and allow the Division of Criminal Investigation(DCI) to conduct their affairs.”

DCI is conducting the investigation; Wisconsin law requires an outside agency investigate any officer-involved shootings.

Robinson’s mother, Andrea Irwin, wants answers.

“My son has never been a violent person. And to die in such a violent, violent way, it baffles me.”

Irwin feels supported to see protestors arrive at the scene wanting answers as well, but she doesn’t want the kind of violence seen in Ferguson.

“I hope not, not to the extent of the vandalism and the crimes that took place and the physical violence, I don’t want that. But do I hope that this whole city stands up and turns around and says that this is not ok and we’re not gonna take that? Absolutely.”

Chief Koval said it’s not for certain if the Madison teen shot was carrying a weapon. He says initial findings didn’t uncover a gun or any other type of weapon that could have been brandished by the suspect. He also says it’s safe to assume there was more than one shot fired.

The Madison police officer fell down due to a blow to the head allegedly from Tony Robinson. The officer is now at the hospital, where he’ll be treated then released.

Koval said prior to law enforcement arriving, the emergency call was updated by another person accusing the same suspect for a battery. When the responding officer entered the apartment where he had reason to believe the suspect went. Koval said the “same subject then assaulted my officer and in the context of mutual combat, the officer did draw his revolver and subsequently shot the subject.”

The responding officer and others officers began CPR on the Madison teen who was shot before he was taken to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead. The officer who shot Robinson hasn’t been identified.

[Photo Credit: Tony Robinson, Facebook via Heavy]

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