Media Matters Boss Paid $850,000 in Blackmail

Media Matters chief David Brock is under the micro scope for agreeing to pay a former domestic partner $850,000 (a sum he referred to as a blackmail payment), to avoid his partner releasing damaging information about Media Matters’ donors and the IRS according to legal documents seen by

Brock, 49, heads the non-profit Media Matters for America, a tax exempt organization which has as its charter to be a watchdog on the conservative media. They have been investigated for coordinating with the Democratic Party and candidates which would be a violation of their tax exempt status.

Brock claims that his partner, William Grey, threatened to release information that would embarrass Brock in front of his donors and the IRS if Brock didn’t pay him the money.

Grey threatened to go public about Brock and Media Matters’ finances after he accused Brock in a civil suit filed in Washington of taking $170,000 in possessions, including an $8,000 Louis Vuitton suit bag, paintings, a rug, a chandelier, a painted bust of a Roman soldier and a pair of carved wooden chairs upholstered with purple fabric.

Supposedly Grey had asked Brock for the money and said to him in an e-mail about it,

“Please finish this today so I don’t have to waste my time emailing anyone – Biden, Coulter, Carlson, Huffington, Drudge, Ingraham,”

Nearly two years later, Grey accused Brock of “financial malfeasance” and threatened to undermine Brock’s fundraising efforts.

He wrote in an other e-mail,

“Next step is I contact all your donors and the IRS. This is going to stink for you if you do not resolve this now.”

Brock received $1,587,500 for his Rehoboth Beach home which he sold in order to pay Grey off.

How do you feel about this high level of corruption in Media Matters for America?