Baton Rouge Mom Arrested: Left Three Kids In Apartment Filled With Urine And Feces

Jasmine Moore, 24, has been charged with three counts of each of the following: cruelty to juveniles, child desertion, and criminal abandonment. Police received an anonymous tip and arrived at an apartment on Jade Avenue in Baton Rouge, finding three children living in squalid conditions. The children, ages one, three, and five, were found alone. An East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office Deputy smelled the following, according to FOX Channel 8, WVUE New Orleans.

“[The Deputy smelled] a strong stench of urine.”

The Deputy saw a three-year-old naked child urinating, and the toddler was crying. He saw the five-year-old boy and asked if a parent or guardian present. The boy answered no, but pointed out a third child, a three-year-old who was lying on a wet, soggy carpet with “two swollen eyes and welts to her legs, arms, and stomach,” according to FOX Channel 12 Oregon. It wasn’t known how the child received these injuries.

The Deputy contacted a neighbor after attempting to turn on the lights, which he found out did not work. Moore arrived about 15 minutes after the neighbor contacted her, and she stated that she had only left her children for 15 minutes and that she asked the neighbor to check on the kids, which the neighbor denied. Instead, the neighbor told the Deputy that the children had been left alone for “a while,” according to Red Stick Now.

The apartment had no electricity, and the floors were covered with feces and urine, according to The Advocate. There were no beds in the apartment.

Child Protective Services were called to the scene to assist deputies, and they determined that the residence was uninhabitable, because of the following according to FOX Channel 8, WVUE New Orleans.

“No supervision, three juvenile kids improperly dressed, a soggy carpet, no beds, and dirty clothes with feces visible in the bathroom.”

The three-year-old child was sent to a local emergency room for evaluation. Jasmine Moore was transported to the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison and is being held in lieu of a $36,000 bond.

What do you think should happen to the children? Do you think that their mother should be awarded custody? Should other family members get custody? Or should the state be awarded custody?

In another case of child abandonment, a 13-year-old was left in a dumpster overnight near a spa that her mother frequented. The girl went to the spa when her mother failed to return for her, as reported in the Inquisitr. The police were called and the mother was charged with child abandonment and endangerment.

[Photo Courtesy East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office]