Lisa McElroy: Drexel Law Teacher Sends Anal Sex Email To Students

Lisa McElroy, a Drexel University professor is in a compromising position (no pun intended) today as an embarrassing and explicit anal sex video makes its rounds around campus. is reporting that Lisa McElroy, teacher and professor at Drexel University Thomas R. Kline School Of Law and a former contestant on the hit show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, sent out a message to her students with a link that sent them to a site containing a video of anal sex porn.

Now Drexel University is investigating the sex scandal and the well-respected professor. According to Patch, Harvard graduate Lisa McElroy sent out a brief email to her law student with the following message:

“I thought this article on brief writing would be interesting for all of you.”

The link actually sent students to, a Montreal-based hard core porn site that was developed in 2007. The highly-viewed porn site allows visitors to stream or download explicit sex videos by category for free. The site includes professional and amateur porn. Porn Hub is the most popular film production porn site on the Internet.

The email was so disturbing and so offensive that several of McElroy’s students complained. Some believe the students who complained were older students who may have disliked Lisa McElroy.

To try and smooth over the situation, Senior Associate Dean of Students Kevin Oates sent out the following correspondence to Drexel University students:

“Dear Students: As you may be aware, some students erroneously received an email this morning directing them to a TWEN post that included some inappropriate material. We take this matter seriously and apologize for any upset it may have caused. If you have any concerns about this, please feel free to speak to me, Professor Coleman, Dear Dennis, or Dean Diller.”

Professor Lisa McElroy, who goes by the Twitter name ‘ProfLisaMcElroy,’ has 3, 867 followers (that number will most likely increase now.) Her Twitter bio states that she is a “Law prof at @DrexelLaw. Supreme Court expert,” and “Regular legal & #SCOTUS commentator on NPR and major networks. Author of authorized bios of SCT Justices.”

The Wallingford, Pennsylvania, native and teacher is known for her brilliant legal writings such as Coming off the Bench: Legal and Policy Implications of Proposals to Allow Retired Justices to Sit By Designation on the United States Supreme Court,” and Sex on the Brain: Adolescent Psychosocial Science and Sanctions for Risky Sex, which appeared in the New York University Review of Law and Social Change.

Even though McElroy most likely sent out the email by mistake, the matter still has to be investigated in harmony with Drexel University sexual harassment and misconduct procedures.

According to College Fix, Lisa McElroy has many supporters who say the email was a honest mistake, and that she didn’t intend to harass anyone. Some also say that her system could have been hacked, and that the high-respected professor doesn’t deserve the “working over” she is receiving from the school and from the press.

To avoid such an embarrassing mistake, people in high positions are admonished to use a separate email account and a separate computer to distinguish it from work-related correspondence.

[Photo Credit: Twitter]