Police Seek Nevada Couple Who Left Home With Dead 3-Year-Old Child Inside

Police said Friday that they are looking for a Las Vegas couple whose home was found with a dead 3-year-old child inside, along with her 17-year-old sister and a very malnourished 4-month-old baby. The 17-year-old, the mother of the baby, is now hospitalized in critical condition. Police declined to say how the 3-year-old died, but it is believed she had been dead several days while the teenager and baby were in the house with her corpse. The 17-year-old mother has been taken into custody due to the neglect of the baby, which is a situation that happens all too frequently and is often reported by the Inquisitr.

Dead Child Found

Kellie Cherie Phillips, 38, and Jondrew Megil Lachaux, a 39-year-old ex-convict, are thought to have left the home several weeks ago, and they may be in the Los Angeles or Oakland area, Las Vegas police officer Aaron Patty said. Right now, the couple is wanted for questioning, and it is believed that they have five children with them, a 9-year-old girl and four boys ranging in age from 1 to 8.

“We have a 4-month-old fighting for life at the hospital. It is imperative for us to locate these children so that we can verify the condition of them.”

Dead Child Found

An Amber alert has not been issued in the case though there was no immediate clarification as to why. Police declined to describe the condition of the house, but a SWAT team was dispatched to the home, where the 3-year-old child was found dead. The 17-year-old had apparently taken her baby to the emergency department on Wednesday, and Child Protective Services was alerted by hospital staff. Police entered the home on Thursday. The 17-year-old mother, 4-month-old baby girl, and the deceased 3-year-old have not been named by police. Police did remove several items from the home that were thought to be evidence, but declined to say what they were or where in the home the body of the 3-year-old was located.

It is unknown at this time why the couple left the home and their 3-year-old daughter behind, or if the child had been left in the care of her sister. While the father is a felon, police did not disclose any active warrants for his arrest. No information was immediately available regarding the mother’s criminal history, or if she had a prior record.

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