Arizona Serial Rapist May Have Been Set Up By Witnesses, According To Facebook Chat Room Evidence

An Arizona serial rapist may have been innocent after all, according to new evidence. Tyler Kost, 19, was accused of 30 counts of sexual assault against 13 separate victims.

Now the defense claims they had all allegedly set him up to “be taught a lesson.”

Court documents show that in a Facebook chat room, the victims may have collaborated and agreed on a story turning possibly innocent Kost into a sex offender. When they all told their allegedly falsified testimony to police investigators, it all looked like an overwhelming guilty verdict which put Kost behind bars in 2014.

Tucson News Now says that Tyler Kost’s attorneys are requesting a Pinal County judge to authorize access to the alleged victims’ Facebook pages. This could solidify the evidence and help him shed his current legal identity as the Arizona serial rapist.

The following chat has already been recovered for the case, the names replaced with initials.

“CG: Oh well, for Tyler what were you all thinking
TS: He needs to be taught a lesson
MR: We need to come up with a plan. And yes. We should sacrifice him to Satan.
MH: We’ll teach him a lesson alright.”

The conversation continued with this:

“MR: Lets (expletive deleted) with his mind and his car
TS: Exactly. I’m down (:
MR: Yes!! I already know this is just gonna be so much fun”

If all of the alleged victims held conversations like this, Kost may have been indicted on false charges, and it could become up to 13 counts of perjury with the evidence to support them.

Just a few weeks before the alleged victims came forward and accused Kost of rape, one of the girls had an odd ongoing theme running in her Instagram account, as revealed by the following plea for the defense of the alleged Arizona serial rapist.

“Despite being allegedly violently sexually assaulted and impregnated by Mr. Kost on October 19, 2013, she (the alleged victim) posted 41 photographs to her Instagram account between October 19, 2013 and December 9, 2013, in which she repeatedly declares her love and admiration for Mr. Kost.”

Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu believes some of the girls, possibly including the one mentioned above, may have been confused.

“When they’ve had a relationship with a person, it’s very real for them and they’re conflicted with what happened which may have been bad and traumatic with real truths and feelings of love and affection.”

Babeu’s office told the defense that their plea is based on speculation and the evidence against the Arizona serial rapist is solid.

No comments have been released at this time, as the motion to gain access to Facebook will move forward on Monday.

[Image via Pinal County Sheriff’s Office / AZ Central]