Dr. Conrad Murray Denied Bail As He Appeals Michael Jackson Manslaughter Conviction

Dr. Conrad Murray has filed an appeal in his Michael Jackson manslaughter lawsuit but that won’t be getting him out of jail anytime soon after a judge shot down his request for bail.

Judge Michael Pastor on Friday morning told Murray that he was denying the request because Murray has no significant property or family in Los Angeles which makes him a potential flight risk.

The judge also cited an NBC documentary in which Murray failed to show any remorse for Michael Jackson death. That documentary led the judge to call him a “danger to society.” Pastor added “it scare me” referring to Murray using Propofol in a home setting. The judge believes that Dr. Conrad Murray could pose a risk to other people if he’s released.

Murray in his motion for bail claimed he wanted to spend time with his family while he awaited his appeal.

In his appeal Dr. Conrad Murray claims that he was never given the chance to prove that Michael Jackson killed himself because of stress related to $440 million in debt which the singer was hoping to cover with a new tour and new music.

In the meantime his lawyer Valerie Wass is calling Murray a “scapegoat” who is being blamed for Michael Jackson’s death because there was nobody else to blame.

Do you think Judge Pastor’s decision to deny Dr. Contrad Murray bail was the right decision given all of the facts and his attitude during the Michael Jackson manslaughter lawsuit?