Dr. Conrad Murray Says Stress Killed Michael Jackson, Files Appeal Documents

Dr. Conrad Murray has filed new legal documents in which he asks the court to overturn his manslaughter conviction on the grounds that the judge involved in his original case should have allowed him to prove that Michael Jackson was so stressed out over his financial troubles that he self-administered a fat dose of the drug Propofol.

The doctors legal documents came about after the district attorney’s office said Dr. Murray should be forced to stay behind bars pending his appeal because his grounds for challenging his conviction are bogus.

In a section of his court filing titled “FinancialCondition of Michael Jackson” Dr. Murray says the singer was stressed out because he was broke and owed nearly $440 million to creditors. Murray says Michael at the time of his death needed desperately to fulfill his obligation to a concert at O2 arena in London.

According to Conrad Murray’s lawyers:

“He was on the verge of losing his entire estate to foreclosure. The pressure to fight through his insomnia, to rehearse and be the entertainer he was in his earlier years was overwhelming.”

His lawyers then continue:

“His motivation and resulting desperation were relevant to show a likelihood or reason to act in a manner inconsistent with good judgment.”

Murray’s lawyers believe the presiding judge erred in not allowing financial documents to be revealed from Michael Jackson’s estate during the initial trial.

Do you think Michael Jackson’s financial situation should have been allowed as part of the defenses argument as to why Jackson would allow himself to purposefully overdose on Propofol?

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