Megyn Kelly Rips Harry Reid A New One, Says He Is ‘Disgusting’

If looks could kill, thousands of FOX News viewers watching host Megyn Kelly on her show, The Kelly File, would have been found dead in their living rooms Tuesday night. Megyn Kelly’s look of pure disdain while discussing outgoing Nevada Senator, Harry Reid, was strikingly evident.

Megyn Kelly kicked off her show with her palpable dislike of Harry Reid already on fire, Kelly launching scathing remarks in response to a recent interview of Reid where he shrugged off alleged lies he told about Mitt Romney leading up to the 2012 presidential election, reports News Hounds.

In the interview, CNN’s Dana Bash asks Reid, “So no regrets about Mitt Romney, about the Koch brothers, because people have even called it McCarthyite.”

“Well, they can call it whatever they want,” replies Reid, adding with a smirk, “Romney didn’t win, did he?”

Pulling no punches, Megyn Kelly tore into Reid and his democratic colleagues that Kelly believes have a responsibility to step up and acknowledge Harry Reid’s admittedly unfounded comments about Mitt Romney.

“Breaking tonight – More than 12 hours after the Senate Minority Leader (Harry Reid) all but admitted that he repeatedly lied to the American people in the interest of helping the president win re-election, we are still waiting to see if any of his peers will step forward to speak out on this ugly breach of the public trust.”

Megyn Kelly then goes on to describe, and show the 2012 video of Harry Reid standing on the senate floor while asserting that Mitt Romney hadn’t paid taxes for over a decade, information the Senate Minority Leader based on an “anonymous source.”

Noting that the Washington Post gave Harry “four Pinocchios” when they fact-checked his comments, Megyn Kelly goes on to express how detrimental Reid’s dubious accusations of Romney are to the public’s trust of government.

“But it didn’t matter. The accusation was already out there. From the Senate Leader! A man in an immense position of trust!”

But Megyn Kelly may have saved some of her strongest disappointment, disdain, and ultimately “disgust” for Harry, for her discussion with guest, Dana Loesch, according to FOX News.

“It’s just disgusting,” said Megyn Kelly to Loesch. “He is not even ashamed that he lied. He’s proud of it because in his world, apparently, the ends justified the means.”

Loesch didn’t hold back her feelings on the matter either, expressing her view that Democrats should come out and publicly say Reid was wrong, and that all current politics care about is winning, not accuracy or truth, which is “shameful.”

Megyn Kelly concludes that you can’t blame the whole Democratic party, but Harry Reid is “fair game.”

[Image FOX News via YouTube]

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