Teen Battling Cancer Gets Special Surprise For Prom

Eighteen-year-old Hannah Tate had a rare form of kidney cancer and spent most of her senior year at St. Jude Regional Children's Hospital, instead of attending Alcoa High School, Tennessee. She spent the time battling cancer, receiving chemotherapy, radiation, and surgeries, according to ABC News Channel 8. The chemo led to the loss of her hair.

But she was about to receive some great news to help cheer her up and make her prom special. During her worst days, her mother kept telling her to hang in there and that she would get a special surprise for her prom. But little did Hannah know she would get just want she wanted: a makeover by a celebrity stylist and his glam squad.

Hannah had reached out to celebrity stylist Tokyo Stylez on Instagram, requesting just a wig for her to wear to her prom. However, she didn't think anything would really come of the request.

But Stylez went the extra mile and coordinated with Hannah's mother, LaVetta Spann, to do a make-over for her prom. Spann stated the following to Yahoo! Parenting.

"Never in a million years did I expect he would honor her request like that and bring along his whole team, with a makeup artist and everything. It was really hard to keep it a secret."

There were tough days when Hannah didn't think that she would make it to her prom, when she felt ill because of fevers and because of dental surgery on Thursday before the Saturday prom. But she hung in there and was overjoyed when she saw the gift she could only dream of on the day of her prom, on Saturday.

Hannah Tate Makeover

She opened the door to her home, thinking she was just signing for a package delivery and there stood Stylez and his team. Hannah was dumbfounded. And she got the star treatment of makeup and a wig. After all, Stylez has worked with the biggest names in showbiz, including singer Rihanna, actress Gabrielle Union, and superstar model Naomi Campbell, according to ABC News Channel 8. Stylez stated the following, that Hannah Tate teared up when she saw him, in disbelief that he would take time from his busy schedule.

"She teared up a cried a little bit. I didn't want her to because I didn't want to cry. It's like a once in a lifetime thing. You only go to your senior prom once, so to be a part of it is something that she'll always remember."

Hannah Tate is a superstar in her own right, battling cancer. And she celebrated her prom in style after her makeover. Once again, she felt like the beautiful young woman that she is--Cinderella attending the prom -- not like a cancer patient.

She said, grinning, "It just makes me smile. It makes me happy."

Another teen, who was raising money for a new prom dress but was ridiculed and bullied by two people on social media for being overweight, also had the last laugh. She raised over $6,000 on GoFundMe and also helped other students to have the prom of their dreams, according to an Inquisitr article.

[Photos courtesy ABC Channel 6 WATE]