Shock As Body Falls Out Of The Coffin During Funeral Procession In Indonesia [Video]

A video of a funeral procession in Indonesia is going viral on LiveLeak, showing the moment the body falls out of the coffin and onto the road below. Warning, while the body is wrapped in white cloth, the video might upset more sensitive viewers.

Apparently the funeral ceremony was taking place in rural Indonesia and the procession came to a shocking and surprising halt as the body of the dead person seems to simply drop from the coffin. The coffin was reportedly made from green canvas and was apparently not strong enough to hold the body securely.

As reported by the Mirror, in the video we see the pallbearers walking down the street, which is lined with mourning relatives and friends. The next moment, the body, wrapped in white cloth, falls down from the coffin and onto the road.

At first, the pallbearers don’t appear to notice as the body falls out of the coffin, despite the lack of weight in their burden, and continue walking down the road.

However, friends or relatives immediately run to the body, attempting to cover it. The surrounding crowd screams in horror as the body falls out of the coffin and they realize the pallbearers haven’t noticed what is going on.

Once they are aware of the situation, the pallbearers quickly put the body back into the coffin and the funeral procession continues down the road.

The shocking footage has proved to be popular, as it has been viewed almost 150,000 times so far on LiveLeak after only being uploaded two days ago.

This isn’t the first strange funeral story doing the rounds right now, as the Inquisitr recently reported the story of the woman who sat up in her coffin, causing the funeral director in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, to pass out from shock.

A rather more heartwarming story, reported today, hails from Merida, Yucatan, where a whole bunch of stray dogs turned up at the funeral of a kind lady who had given them food, wishing to pay their last respects. First, they lay around on the floor during the showing and on the day of the funeral, formed a procession behind the hearse.

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