Brave Cat Protects Baby, Attacks Father Who Appears To Be ‘Hitting’ Baby, Footage Goes Viral [Video]

A cat’s brave act to protect a baby has gone viral! Apparently, the cat thought the defenseless baby was being hit by the father, so the heroic feline decided to step in. According to Mirror Online, the father filmed himself to show the cat’s response. The one-minute video starts off with the father sitting on a couch facing the baby, who is seated on the floor in what appears to be a carrier.

Based on the father’s actions, its quite easy to see why the cat would think the baby is being hit. But, the angle of the camera clearly shows that the father is tapping the carrier and not hitting the child. But apparently, the cat didn’t see that part. At the 13-second mark, the black cat walks up to the father, who continues to tap the carrier.

The cat jumps on the father’s arm, most likely making an effort to stop him from tapping the carrier. The father lightly knocks the cat off of his arm. But that definitely doesn’t deter the cat because each time the father taps the carrier, the cat can be seen attacking him. Although the father is obviously laughing at the cat, its clear the cat isn’t amused!

Details about the clip were initially reported by Mirror Online, but the video was uploaded via YouTube. Now, several media outlets have shared the clip, and the protective cat has gone viral. Of course, avid cat lovers have commended the feline for its courageous act to protect the baby. Some readers even shared details about similar accounts where their cats have protected their children by responding in the same manner when they thought the children were in danger. However, there were some readers who didn’t have very nice things to say about the father!

Here are some of the comments:

“It’s good to see that the baby will have a protector even if it is a small cat they can still do some damage when needed.”

“Simply amazing…the cat won’t take no for an answer and repeats the attack until ” daddy” stops the fake spanking. Truly amazing…”

What do you think about the brave cat? Share your thoughts.

[Image via YouTube]

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