Tom Brady’s Cliff Jump Video From Costa Rica Has Wife Questioning His Superman Diving

Tom Brady’s cliff jump video from Costa Rica will probably have the hearts of many New England Patriots sinking in terror, and even Brady himself admits it was probably a very bad idea that he will never repeat. But since the Patriots quarterback moonlights as Superman, everything is perfectly alright in the end.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, there’s been some pretty crazy cliff diving going on in recent months. One crazy Russian BASE jumped the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro and caught the whole thing on GoPro video. The second incident was a complete accident, but a Dutch man who fell 4,000 feet from the “world’s end” cliff somehow managed to survive. Perhaps it’s his strong love for his wife that kept him going, since it was his honeymoon.

On the other the other hand, Tom Brady’s wife, Gisele, seemed to think this cliff diving idea was pretty dumb, since she’s heard asking, “Are you going to jump, Tom?” The family was vacationing in Costa Rica on March 29 when the Patriots QB got this idea into his head, and someone happened to be on hand to video record the entire thing.

So just how risky was Tom Brady’s cliff diving video? Let us put this in Super Bowl terms. The 40-foot drop would be enough to make most people back off and find another way to make the drop, but Brady decided to go all Seahawks by taking the forward pass straight down the middle. The water below was surrounded by jagged rocks tougher than any defensive line. If Brady was intercepted by any of them, then it’s game over, might as well start Tebowing and pray very hard that God allows him to survive this stunt.

Fortunately, the Super Bowl comparison ends there since none of those nasty rocks intercepted Tom Brady’s cliff jump. Regardless, when Brady posted his crazy video on Facebook, he did admit, “Never doing that again!”

Of course, that’s just Clark Kent talking, since as Tom Brady’s cliff diving video proves, he’s really Superman in disguise. (Just don’t try that argument with Bill Belichick, who is probably modifying Brady’s contract as we speak in order to disallow cliff diving.)