Tom Brady Jumps Off A Cliff

Just over six hours ago, New England Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady posted a video to his Facebook page of him jumping off a cliff. Brady followed the posted video with the comment “Never doing that again!” and the hashtag #AirBrady.

Apparently, Brady is on vacation with his family at the moment and is finding some time to take a few non-football related risks. Other than the imposed Super Man sound track, the only thing worth pointing out about the video itself is the fact that it likely frightened New England fans. As Yahoo Sports was quick to point out earlier today, if someone is a New England Patriots fan, watching what they likely believe to be a god-among-men throw himself perilously off a cliff is almost guaranteed to give rise to a minor episode of cardiac arrest. See the video below for evidence of such sentiment.

With every New England fan’s borderline-lustful passion for Tom Brady adequately addressed, let us now turn our attention to the hashtag accompanying Tom Brady’s cliff diving video.

#AirBrady is undoubtedly a cool hashtag. Many might suggest that #AirBrady is indented to direct a person’s thoughts back to the 1990s and the athleticism of Michael Jordan (Air Jordan). However, a more astute individual will undoubtedly pick up on Brady’s actual intentions of directing one’s thoughts back to the true athletic superpower of the 1990s, a golden retriever by the name of Air Bud. (#BradyBud anyone?)


There really can be no doubt that by hashtaging his eventful jump #AirBrady, Tom Brady was seeking to firmly cement himself in the halls of sports greatness by placing himself on par with the the most prolific of all sports deities, Air Bud. Any person who had the distinct honor of growing up in America during the 1990s can attest to the fact that few athletes have shaped the way in which Americans see the world of sports quite as much as Air Bud. Air Bud not only made a name for himself in the world of high school football, but he also mastered the art of middle school basketball.

Some individuals may try to argue that Air Bud also dabbled in the world of volleyball, baseball, and soccer, or that he had a litter of offspring that traveled into outer space. Such individuals are, of course, heretics however and should be dealt with appropriately — by being burned at the steak.

So in closing, let us once again congratulate Tom Brady on successfully likening himself unto Air Bud. Might it be recommended however, that in the future, when Brady desires to once again be compared to the godlike golden retriever Air Bud, Brady uses #BradyBud rather than #AirBrady.

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