March 29, 2015
Kitten Starts House Fire, Feels Bad And Alerts Owners, Family Of Six Escapes Unharmed

A family of six from Stockport, Greater Manchester is lucky to be alive after their six-week-old kitten knocked over a candle and set the house ablaze. With flames working furiously to engulf the home, Jesse the kitten quickly found her 12-year-old owner and meowed furiously until he woke up and rushed to alert the rest of the house. The family was able to escape the fire and reunite outside safely, except Jesse the kitten was nowhere to be found. The family was devastated that Jesse perished in the fire after owning her for only two days. However, their grief was soon changed to relief when a firefighter emerged with the kitten in his palms.

The family went to bed without blowing out a lit candle. Jesse's curiosity go the best of her as she observed the flickering flame and batted at it like a toy. The candle fell over and ignited the second floor bedroom within just a few seconds. One of the residents was out for the night and returned home, lighting the candle before going to bed. It was not blown out, as it should have been, and the kitten's curiosity naturally drew her toward the dancing flame, according to the Manchester Evening News.

Jesse, only six-weeks-old and living with the family for a mere two days, the kitten realized her mistake and proceeded to wake 12-year-old, Hal, from his slumber. Hal's dad realized the house was on fire and woke his wife so they could get everyone out safely.

"My husband woke me up and said the house is on fire and I just couldn't believe it. It's like something from a film"
Metro U.K. shared that Lynne Rogers, the mother, rushed to the aid of her children.
"And the smoke was really bad upstairs, my daughter Ellie was hanging out her bedroom window trying to get some clean air to breath."
Everyone exited the house safely, except for poor Jesse. he was still inside and in danger of being consumed by the flames. However, a brave firefighter soon emerged with the little kitten snuggled safely on his grasp. The family was ecstatic that Jesse had another opportunity to live a happy life with them. Before giving Jesse back, the firefighter decided to check her vitals to ensure she was okay.
"They took her heart rate with the same equipment used on us and it was nearly bigger than her whole body."
Although the house was destroyed in the fire, the entire family was safe and unharmed, including Jesse.

[Photo Courtesy: Metro U.K.]