Two Amazing Race producers found dead in Africa

The world of reality television just got hit with some pretty worrisome news that has seen the production of The Amazing Race come to a halt.

Apparently, the details are still sketchy, two freelance ‘facilitating’ producers for the show were poisoned – one of them fatally – after they refused to be shaken down by local thugs.

The body of Jeff Rice was reportedly found in Uganda and the other producer ended up violently ill from some sort of poison.

Rice was not currently working on “The Amazing Race,” but he had worked on Season 20, which premiered on CBS on Sunday. Rice had also worked on Animal Planet’s “Whale Wars” and the South African version of “The Biggest Loser,” along with several other series and television movies.

A rep for Jerry Bruckheimer Films, the production company behind “The Amazing Race,” said that he had “no knowledge” of the incident.

CBS had no comment.

via Fox News

Apparently facilitator producers are local people hired by production company to get the lay of the land before show producers come in to shoot the actual scenes.

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