Milagros Rolon: Body Found Decomposed Tied With Rope In Bronx Apartment, Boyfriend Roger Roberts Arrested

Milagros Rolon, a mother of four children, was found dead in a Bronx apartment over the weekend. New York Post is reporting that the woman’s boyfriend, 53-year old Roger Roberts, was arrested in connection with her murder.

The case came to the attention of police after they were contacted by Roger Roberts at around 8:00 a.m. Roberts claimed that he found the body of his girlfriend when he returned that morning. When New York Police officers arrived at the Morrisania apartment close to E 168th street in the Bronx, they found the partially decomposed body of a Hispanic female wrapped in a blanket. The victim’s hands had been bound with rope, and the body appeared to be have been badly beaten.

The body was transported to the local coroner’s office to confirm manner of death. Investigators said Milagros Rolon was killed several days earlier. No one in the apartment complex reported seeing anything out of the ordinary, and a missing person’s report had not been taken for Rolon. Records indicate that Roger Roberts had another address listed in Harlem.

Neighbors are shocked that this happened in their community. They are also surprised that the dead body had been in the apartment for several days. Milagros Rolon’s family members were not shocked by her death. Her oldest son, Rodger Lee Meredith, told New York Daily News about the incident.

“I wasn’t shocked. She was already living that life — the street life.”

Her children also stated that Milagros Rolon was a good mother whom they loved very much, despite her problems with drinking and drugs. Rodger Lee Meredith is raising his younger siblings. Meredith is greatly saddened by his mother’s death, and he wants the killer to pay.

“I just want him to do the time. Do hard time. You don’t kill anyone’s mother.”

As news of Milagros Rolon’s death makes headlines, social media commenters sound off about the bizarre case.

“for the love of god. what the hell is happening nowadays”

“Up the block from my children’s school not good that’s sad.”

“People welcome to the bronx!!!!”

“This is crazy. This occurred way to close to me. It’s getting too reckless in this neighborhood.”

“Right across the street from my house!!! Woow”

“Too sad. May her soul rest in perfect peace”

Roger Roberts was charged with second-degree murder and manslaughter. In 2001, a couple was found tied up in a Bronx apartment, where they had been brutalized for six days. One of the victim’s sisters was arrested in that case. Police say the motive was theft of the victims’ social security disability checks.

In 1989, the body of a Hispanic babysitter was found dead in a stairwell at a Bronx apartment. The baby was found murdered in a trash can near the apartment.

[Photo Credit: Twitter]