March 30, 2015
Los Angeles Train Crash: Metro Derails After Striking Car, Dozens Injured [Breaking]

A Metro commuter train has derailed after crashing into another vehicle on the tracks. At 11:00 a.m. PST, the train located near the University of Southern California campus hit a car on the tracks. The crash caused two of the train's three cars to derail with dozens injured in the accident.

The Christian Science Monitor notes that 21 people were injured in the Metro crash after it partially derailed. Fortunately, all but one of the injuries were minor. However, reports indicate that an individual in the car was critically injured after it was hit by the train. The person reportedly had to be cut from the vehicle. Metro officials have not commented on the crash, but will likely make a statement considering this is the second crash this year involving a California commuter train.

The Inquisitr reported just last month on the Metrolink train crash that left 50 injured and a fiery inferno on the tracks. In that collision, the commuter train hit a tractor trailer that was stalled on the tracks which caused three of the train's cars to derail.

Despite the crash last month, the state of California says that trains have upgraded for safety following two fatal incidents in 2005 and 2008.

"The state of California attempted to address rail safety directly [spending some $500 million] following two deadly accidents in southern California. In 2005, 11 people were killed and 180 others injured after a commuter train crashed into an SUV on the track, causing the train to derail and collide with a freight train in Glendale. Then, three years later, a Metrolink train collided head on with a freight train, killing 25 people and injuring 135."
After the deadly crashes, trains were upgraded with a number of safety design features designed to save lives in future accidents."Crash energy management" technology is in place on all Metrolink trains which helps disperse the energy created by the impact more efficiently. The more even disbursement of force has likely helped save lives in last months derailment.