Bill Maher Bashes Elton John, Transgenders, And 'Deeply Stupid' Far-Left Liberals

Aric Mitchell

Bill Maher trashed Elton John, transgenders, and "deeply stupid" far-left liberals on his latest episode of his HBO talk show, Real Time.

Conservative website The Blaze, along with a few other right-leaning blogs, were quick to jump on it as the footage rolled out to YouTube.

Maher started his rant with gay fashion designers Dolce & Gabbana along with their support of "traditional families" and their opposition to "synthetic babies."

Singer Elton John took offense to the comments exclaiming that his son "is not synthetic."

Other celebrities vowed to protest. Maher found it ridiculous that liberals like John and Courtney Love were speaking out against D&G, people "who agree with you 95 percent of the time," while ignoring the bigger issues like ISIS throwing gay people off buildings.

From here, the Bill Maher liberal wildfire spread to consume watchdog website Media Matters for its takedown of an "insensitive cover" issued by The Economist.

The cover showcased a story on Hispanics in the U.S. and utilized chili peppers in forming the American flag. Maher warned the left that, like the right, it had its own share of "crazies" to rein in.

"Media Matters, can I say one thing to you? Shut the f*** up," Maher said. "How deeply stupid has the far-left become when gay designers can't get along with gay musicians? When vegans attack vegetarians for not being pure enough?"

Maher also set his sights on transgender people offended by The Vagina Monologues, calling them "p***ies."

Here's the rant in full. No matter what side of the political fence you're on, there should be plenty to chew on.

The last few months, Maher has been losing his patience for his peers. He had a heated exchange over the Muslim faith with actor and fellow liberal Ben Affleck. During the segment, Maher called Islam the "motherlode of bad ideas."

That theme ran for several episodes and very nearly got Maher uninvited to UC Berkeley's graduation, where he was scheduled to speak. A group of students protested and called him "Islamophobic" and a "bigot."

Ultimately, Maher's invitation stood and he did give the address.

What do you think about the above comments from Bill Maher? Is he right that the left needs to "police its crazies" just as much as the Right?

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