Abandoned Pit Bull Becomes An Adoptive Mother To The Most Unlikely Of Animals

Pit bulls, the one animal and breed that brings to mind a myriad of different things. Man's best friend, therapy dog, killer, vicious beast, and, of course, mother or father come to mind for many people. However, when terms like mother or father come to mind, one naturally draws the image and conclusion that you are speaking of pit bull puppies.

Despite this common narrative, sometimes unexpected variables occur, and contradictions are the result of this.

According to the Huffington Post, canine and feline became family this past week, when a mama pit bull mix was found near Dallas, Texas. As the report goes, an animal rescue known as Dallas Dog RR found an abandon pit bull mix on the side of the road and was getting ready to retrieve the pit when they made an unusual discovery. The abandoned pit bull was a mama, but its child was a kitten.

The unlikely mother and child duo, an adult female pit bull and a days-old kitten, were picked up by a worker for Dallas Dog RR.

According to the worker, the pit and kitten had such a strong mother-child bond that the kitten was latched on to the mother pit bull. Since the pit bull had unwittingly adopted a kitten, the Dallas dog rescue chose to bring the odd pair to the nearby Mercy animal clinic, where they also adopted the nicknames Kitty and Pitty.

Unfortunately for Kitty the kitten, Pitty the pit bull's milk was drying up, so they needed to be separated for the pit bull's adopted kitten to receive nourishment. Dr. Rick Hamlin said Pitty the pit bull instantly began to howl for her newly adopted kitten when they were separated, reports Today.

Dr. Hamlin says he has never seen anything like it but suspects that it was in a time when the pit bull and kitten were most in need, they instinctively came together.

"Over my 28-year career, I've never seen anything like this. In this particular area, there's a lot of strays, so my best guess is that the mother pit bull had a litter of pups and they died or weened and she still had milk. And the kitten's mother, who just had her -- well, something must have happened to her, and this kitten was left behind. The pit bull probably found her and took it as her own."

Though Kitty the kitten must be separated for feeding overnight, according to Dr. Hamlin, both pit bull and kitten have established a routine together every following morning.

"The morning reunion between Kitty and Pitty is always heartwarming with Pitty giving Kitty a morning bath and, once Pitty lies down, Kitty still attaching herself to a -- now nonfunctional -- nipple. Very cute."

If cats and owls can be lifelong friends, as the Inquisitr reported this past October, it is fairly likely to say that anything is possible.

[Image via Mercy Animal Clinic Facebook]