DEA Agents Hosted Sex Parties With Prostitutes, Allegedly Paid For By Drug Cartels

A recent report from the United States Department of Justice exposed the involvement of Drug Enforcement Administration agents in sex parties. The report did not state which particular country these illicit activities took place in, but Politico claimed that they happened in Colombia.

According to another report also from DOJ, the said illicit activity was not reported up the chain of command to the DEA’s Office of Professional Responsibility. In a recent investigation, the Office of the Inspector General discovered that 10 agents were involved in the sex parties, including an assistant regional director.

The arranged sex parties were said to be funded by local drug cartels. The alleged DEA agents involved Colombian prostitutes and were held at the agents’ government-leased quarters. The parties also did not happen only once or twice but over a period of several years, from 2005 to 2008.

In addition to this information, a foreign officer revealed that, aside from the women, the accused agents also received gifts from drug cartel members. These gifts came in the form of money, expensive items, and weapons.

These findings caused an uproar on Capitol Hall where lawmakers have been keen on agencies to be stricter with misconduct happening within their respective departments.

“Once again, some federal law enforcement agents are acting like they belong in a college frat house rather than at a taxpayer-funded law enforcement agency tasked with interdicting illegal drugs,” House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte blasted.

“It’s extremely troubling that federal drug agents lacked the common sense to know that engaging with prostitutes hired by drug cartels was a bad idea.”

House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz also called for the dismissal of the agents involved in the sex parties. He said that this is a big issue for the United States saying, “Let there be no mistake, this is a national security threat.”

Chaffetz emphasized that the government is going to impose serious consequences on those involved.

He said, “We have to understand issue by issue what is happening. We need to understand how these people are being held accountable. There should be no question about the severity of the punishment. I don’t care how senior the person is, they are going to have to let these people go.”

The oversight committee will further discuss this issue on a hearing scheduled on April 14, and the DEA and DOJ inspector generals have been invited to testify.

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