Florida Attorney Marlon Smikle Arrested For Allegedly Smuggling iPhone 6 Into Seminole County Jail For Client

Marlon Smikle arrested

A Florida attorney was arrested after he allegedly smuggled an iPhone 6 into the Seminole County jail for his client, according to Orlando Sentinel.

Deputies at the County jail say during a routine search on March 3, they ordered all inmates to raise their hands, which everyone complied except for 38-year-old Donald Mitchell of Jacksonville. Apparently, Mitchell was hiding an iPhone 6 in his armpit because shortly after, he reached for the phone and handed it over to a deputy.

Afterwards, deputies searched the inmates’ cell and discovered two more pieces of contraband, which were a Bluetooth ear device and an iPhone charger.

Mitchell was subsequently arrested for being in possession of the forbidden items, and an investigation was underway to uncover how he retrieved the illegal imports.

During their investigation, they discovered that Mitchell began making calls from the iPhone 6 on March 1 – seven minutes after his 29-year-old attorney Marlon Smikle visited him. It was also the same day the iPhone 6 was purchased at a Sanford AT&T store.

When investigators watched the video of Smikle entering the Seminole County jail and reviewed phone calls between him and the inmate, they concluded that Smikle was the one who smuggled the iPhone into the jail.

“You have to listen; we need a no-contract six,” was heard during a conversation between Mitchell and Smikle. He also stated that he needed a charger for the phone.

On March 13 at about 10:40 a.m., Smikle was arrested for smuggling contraband into the county jail.

Bill Sheaffer – legal analyst at WFTV – commented on the incident and stated that “there was no reason why this attorney did what he did.”

He continued as follows.

“It’s likely the corrections officers didn’t check that computer bag because they believed there was a computer in the bag. They had no reason that a lawyer would seek to introduce contraband into that facility.”

When deputies confiscated the cellphone, Mitchell made a call to Smikle and informed him that “they found the phone I had” and quickly hung up.

News reporter Daralene Jones at WFTV visited Smikle’s home to get his side of the story, but she was unsuccessful. However, Smikle was available to speak via telephone but relayed very few words. He told the reporter that “It definitely did not happen.”

The Florida attorney went on to say that “I can’t give a comment right now. As much as I’d like to, I just can’t. There’s more to the story.”

According to Smikle’s website, it states that he completed his undergraduate degree at Stetson University in DeLand, Florida and afterwards obtained his law degree at Valparaiso University School of Law in Indiana.

Smike has been a licensed attorney since October 2014.

Karen Kirksey – who is with the Florida Bar – spoke with reporters and stated that “We have no record of disciplinary action for Mr. Smikle, and he is currently in good standing with the bar. But in light of his arrest, we have opened an investigative file.”

Smikle was released from jail on a $5,000 bond.

Both Mitchell and Smikle will face the judge May 5.

Further information regarding the Florida attorney’s case will remain confidential.

[Image courtesy of Omar Jordan Fawahl/Flickr]